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HMS Victory by dafi - Heller - PLASTIC - To Victory and beyond ...

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Thank you Gil :-)


And some tinkering was done too ... 


First replaced the parcel strings aka side tackles by a better suited rope and reworked the pullies to get them into the right dimensions now.




Preassembled outside the hull and a small thread around for not getting tangled up and in we go. For the back hooks I use fine electro pliers, they give more control than tweezers ...




... but for the front hook no other way than the tweezers for space reasons.




In the end everything ended on the right place aka hook ...




... and time to pull the strings :-)




And now usually come the nice coils on the deck, but like the drawing looks already a bit naughty, I wanted to look for a spiritual salvation for those sailors not to get into ideas ...

Often seen too that the rope leads in a straight line from the pulley down to the coil. 





This made me think ...


First: How can a rope be pulled straight down to the coil? The coil just lies on the deck and it is not fixed. The only way would be the rope to fall loosely from the pulley to the deck and is lead there to the coil.

Second and more important: Why are the tackles not stopped/belayed? It is possible to show a unsecured tackle in dry dock like the V. in P., but on a real ship, the first wave loosens the tackle and soon one has a lot of stray guns on the deck dancing samba ...


First consequences for my build, either one holds the tackle or it should be belayed :-)


For the next guns to be worked on, battle stations should be already prepared, but crew occupied on the guns of the opposite side.


So the tackles got secured by a half hitch (or a overhand knot with draw-loop) behind the rear blocks.






And something surprising but logical: As I used the original lengths of rope, the back tackles do not need a coil or something alike, as there is almost no rope left :-)




I letted the free end on the deck, even though it could have been arranged nicely otherwise.


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What brings up the next question: What to be done with the length of the side tackles running side ?


My usual way, take a length of rope and check the options. The coil was not in my mind for several reasons, that is why I did not try it here.


First loosely placed beside the gun - over the breeching rope that lies on the deck - as seen on V. in P. on several guns.




I do not like it as ropes could get tangled up easily. Second try, put behind the gun where usually the coils are placed ...




... gives a nice trap to fit the back tackle.


And here my personal favorite, also seen on several museum ships, loose loops put over the barrel. 

Keeps the floor free, no messing, easy to grap.




As Captain Hardy was sad to have been was some kind of etiquette freak here a more "ship shape" or "Bristol-fashion" style of: the loops secured in the middle.






And this is my personal winner :-)


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As always, fantastic detail work.  Your passion for getting things right shows through!  Attached picture shows one of Victory's guns secured and you can see how the falls of the side tackles are secured.  When at sea and not cleared for action the guns were very tightly secured to prevent them rolling around.  In your fantastic depiction of the guns, they are cleared for action with all tackles and breech ropes in place.  The train tackles were removed when the guns were secured.  Hope this helps.




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For the background of this display: The guncrew is busy excercising on the opposite side, so these guns are run out for symmetrical reasons and ready for combat with all tackles set. As they are left alone for the time being, the tackles are secured by a half hitch (or a overhand knot with draw-loop) and the length of the rope put over the barrel for easy grabbing. Like this the gun could go into combat within the second.


So keep on dreaming ...










Here just for the scales sake :-)






And my favorite shot for today :-)




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Thank you Popeye, dragzz, Jan, Patrick, Matti and Nigel :-)


But as shown before, this could be just one way of displaying the tackles. The hint of keeping not needed ropes on top of the barrel is something, that is displayed on both Vic and Consti, Just the bow-tie I had to add as the rope was a little to stiff to get an even result otherwise. But the coils are not fixed, so I still have space for improvement.


@ Jan,

yeah it took ages to produce such a big Tic-Tac, that´s why I was slow in the build lately ...


... and I do not think to produce 850, I think 820 will do the job ...




Cheers, Daniel

Edited by dafi
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Anyway, no something completely different ...


... re worked the anatomic side of Sponge-Bob as my son calls him and Dr Tentacle also got his wild brothers put into custody.




While the starbord side is deserted as we know from previous posts, we can slowly start populating the port side. As everybody was given a number, n# 4 is already swapping the barrel with his sponge while n# 3 is helping with the cartridge.




Still looks quite spacious ...










... but with the training in place it is getting tighter and tighter. Also I would not like to stand there without somebody holding the back tackle - if not one wave and some tons of iron and wood jump towards you and no way to jump out of this tackle bondage.






And now imagine 5 guys on the tackle left and 5 guys on the tackle right, pulling the strings, helping with the handspikes, reaching for worm-hooks, wad pads and cannon balls and the guncaptain touching off the hole with his thump - THAT will be hot. And then the same to the gun on the left and the same to the gun on the right. Better than the tube at rush hour ...


... seen from the top, one really can imagine.




Soon more,


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Sometimes, yes sometimes I hat me for what I am doing to myself ...


... example needed?


The worm hook to extract cartridge remains ...


... already I glued a nice long spiral onto a stick and just then looked into the literature ...


... bloody mental cinema ...


... it is not one long spiral but two short opposite spirals, which makes sense for the purpose.


First soldering trial with the 0,3 mm copper wires went bad until I remembered that there is a protection around :-(


Once removed, results became better, but still quite breakable, but then realised, the spiraling method does not work ...


... okokokokokoko ...


... back to start, rethink and resolder ...




... but how to do the double helix?


Took a fitting drill with the right lead ...




... and carefully embedded the wire into the grooves.




The lead still being too high, respaned the opposite way against a 1 mm mandral, and carefully readjusted the lead.




And here we are, it finally worked ...




... even fits for the bore :-)





That is why I sometimes hate myself, took me days to work this out until it fitted ...


... so I got really time enough to hate myself ...


... deeply contrited ... 


...yours dafi
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