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HMS Victory by dafi - Heller - PLASTIC - To Victory and beyond ...

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Thank you Jan :-)


... and here I go again ...


... the blocks ...


... as discribed before punched with the scribing needle, drilled ...




... one side already rounded ...




... and after putting to lenth trapped underneath the finger´s nail to get the opposite side rounded ...




... and like shake´n´bake we got some nice great little itzy-bitzy-teeny-weeny sweet blocks :-)


BUT! Stop Press!


First I was not in a mood for the messy story with the dying stuff and second, isn´t there a better way ?!?


Tja ... that´s dafi ...
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... didn´t dafi already make these nice little blocks from wood !?! No messy dying and so on?.


So I tried a simplified version. Prepared two wooden battens accordingly in  1 x 1 mm und 2 x 1 mm - made a distance holder into the drill stand for the distance to the edge and pushed the batten upwards (green) and then moved according to the red mark to the side. 




For the double block still turned 180° and did a second round. Works rather fast :-)




Then some bondage with Sello-Tape ...




... and lenghtened with grinding disk which does not create splintering ...




... and unpacked.


Then empaled the blocks on a old 0,5 mm drill ...




... and cleand and rounded the corners ...




... bound a thread onto one of my etch hooks and glued it well centered onto the back side.




Then a knot and some glue on the other side ...




... shortened the short side of the tread ...




... and ready the single block :-)


The same for the double block, just both ends cut.


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Made a small scale to measure the required length ...




... and put the blocks into my serving machine. The compass allows easy reading of the required length.




Fitted the lanyards, fixed with glue ...




... and wrapped around.




Looked strange and impracticable, so decided to consult the literature again. Then tried a final wrap in the middle and ended up with no major wrapping, just a big loop and some minor wrapping in the middle. Looks much more logical.




The the final assembly on the trucks and it finally worked the way I wanted!




So after months of no sleep, dafi finally will have a good rest tonight :-)


Sleep well all of you and dream of me nicely ...


... that is what one could call nightmares ;-)
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Thanks Mark and got me Popeye ...


That was the corner that was too tricky for wanted result: it will not show to apparent on the pictures :-)


This is just a omission for the lower decks, visible guns will be fitted properly, promised!


Dr. dafi

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folks like us.......we'd be all over it  :)........but the normal person looking at her wouldn't think in that small a detail.  the cannons visible from the spar deck would need to be done ........I like it....looks great!  yepper.......needs to be some sort of rigging to hold those buggers in place!  ;)

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Well, I guess I'll be following along another cool WIP thread here. I just purchased this kit at a price that I couldn't refuse and then I found a toy donkeys head under my pillow... :D family played a joke because we just got done watching Godfather series on TMC?? on TV. Anyway, you're doing great I'm already picking up a lot of useful information. I tell ya, this website as whole is a gold mine  :10_1_10:


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  • 1 month later...





... only been away for 57 years and already that much dust?




What was my favorite pass-time here?




Oh yes, there was someting - DEMOLITION!!!




... okokokokok ...


... I know, that the side entry port was already "finally" fixed, but it was stronger than me :-)





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To be honest ...


... I do personally strongly believe that there is more evidence that it was not there than those that it was. :-)


But it is a too nice feature to be omitted in the build - so I took some castings to add to my resin parts.



Edited by dafi
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To be honest ...


... I do personally strongly believe that there is more evidence that it was not there than those that it was. :-)


But it is a too nice feature to be omitted in the build - so I took some castings to add to my resin parts.



I too have thought long and hard about this. My conclusion was that I think the entry ports were there, but the top and bottom were built up to resemble the adjacent gun ports when out of harbour, and perhaps even a 'jury lid' made, ready for a lengthy sea commission. However, all the records show that the middle gun deck had 28 cannon, and not the 30 of the decks above and below. Could the captain have ordered an extra two cannons while the ship was being victualed - thus not being shown on official records?

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I never had the time to do a complete research in the NMM.


It looks to me that the entry port disappeared somehow from the drawings in the 1780´s (because of wartimes - American War of Independence?) and just reappeared in the 1805´s.


A complete survey of all the three decker´s plans and models should perhaps clarify this and especially the dates. Another thing is, that the plans just show the starboard side and remember that at one point the ports were only on the port side. Does not make things easier ...


So I enjoy the bit of artistic license ;-)


The other thing is the question of how these ports was shut. So far - even with the help of the board here - no strong hint was found. All model that I found so far lack a door. 

See more:




Edited by dafi
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It is surprising, isn't it, just how many details on this ship are in grey area territory.


If the ports were present, I am pretty sure the men would have used some kind of ad-hoc method of covering it/them - canvas, leather or wood perhaps.


But the question remains, why only 28 cannon for the middle deck? They were certainly designed with the entry ports in mind, I think. But in the real world, in the midst of all out war, long blockades and thousands of nautical miles away from home, I guess anything goes.

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That too is my opinion, the 28 guns are one of the strongest hints for the port. At no time that were 30 guns recorded in the books, for me a "must" if the door would have been replaced by a gunport, otherwise the first two or the last gunport would have been idle.


At least for bad weather there must have been a cover, and in my opinion not only canvas or leather.


But that is the interesting bit on this ship: Although believed to be that well explored and boring and a hundred thousend times being build - there are still so many open questions. And I love to stir a little bit in that pot - a friend of mine would call it "fascinating" ;-)



Edited by dafi
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As I always like to visualise and try out my thoughts, here are some versions on a mere speculation basis. 


Single board on the outside



Half doors opening outside:



Single board on the inside:



Half doors on the inside (like quarter galleries)




... just works out on the inside.



And a version like on fire ships as seen in construction and fitting: Half board on the bottom and half lids on the upper half.



Cheers, Daniel

Edited by dafi
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Just a thought... If you go with a door, typically ship's doors open outwards so that water pressure would force the door tighter into it's frame (just like the gun ports), making it easier to keep weather tight.


A door opening inwards risks getting blown open by the first wave that decides to crash the party. ;)




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As for my personal opinion seeing those tests: I also would discard the inside board for the same reason Andy gives. The half lid doors are one more gap that could leak, on top the inside half doors have a slight problem with the deck because of the thumbledom and a even bigger one because of the hanging knees, that prevent opening more than 90°.

The fire ship doors is a too sophisticated feature and I believe it would have been shown.


The "single outside board solution" would give some intersting thoughts. It just requires battens or a small recess like the gun ports inside the opening to be pressed /pulled against. This could be done by some eyebolts and some simple lashing from the inside. As it is not part of the structure and not a permanent fitting, this could explain why it is never represented in the models - it was seen as a mere board. Another hint could be the panelling of the inside of the door frame, this one looks much more like an internal fitting than an outside part of the ship.


But as mentioned before, these are pure speculations, hard proves still missing. But perhaps it allows to get a closer idea, what we are searching for, like special construction details. The only thing I found so far is, that NMM´s plans of Nelson and Caledonia show the usual gunport arrangement of eyebolts around the entry port, as if this port also was used for guns on occasions. And seen the concave outside of the hull, those breeching-eyebolts in the middle would already guarantee a secure lashing of the board against battens or recess ...



Here still is a small color variation of my personal favorite:

Yellow door at the end of 1804 before Nelson took possession of her and ...




... after he introduced his checker on the port lids :-)





Edited by dafi
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The question is: would Nelson recognise this entry-port....


There is a nice model in NMM showing Victory as she was supposed to be n 1803 without the entry-ports.http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66474.html

There is alos a model that shows victory as she was supposed to be in 1805 sith entryports and even a platform outside the hull....



The one without is assumed to be the contemporary model




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