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HMS Victory by dafi - Heller - PLASTIC - To Victory and beyond ...

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By contrast to what Lil´Wife says, the dafi is teachable.

In deed!
This time the deck beams for the fore castle are prebent :-)
A simplified deck pattern, looks good immediately.
Still found some material for two rows of planking ...
... and the two small scuttles that can be seen on the 1765 model.

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In March 2012 I did the fore top to try out the first material for the nettings.

And also a small provocation. I placed the lantern not in the main top but in the fore top as indicated by Lavery as Nelson was only Vice Admiral. But by now I have enough contemporary sources that indicate the "classical" version.
By now it was time to do the two missing tops. Also I was using the new netting that I deliver together with my etch parts. 
So I did the wire frame, glued the netting onto it, brushed the paint onto the material and sticked it into place.
To get the length of the holding line I used a tooth pick and a cheap thread :-)
And then, the surprise, the new netting appears even thinner than the old material, an effect that I liked a lot.
And yes, that is why the old netting had to go. And in the box with the discarded parts we go :-)
PS: And yes, the opportunity was taken to bring back the lantern onto the main top :-)

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mmm....disappointing.... we expected destruction in proper Dafi-style :)


But the new netting is definitely better than the old one. What material is it?



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Yes, completely.

I was affarid that you would not model nelsons place of death.

Would be an ommision to this otherwise great build :)



this is a very interesting thought.   have you given any though to it?   I have something here I thought you might enjoy 




wonderful bit of progress Daniel.....great way to make belaying pins  ;)    the netting was a scary moment.......I thought to myself  "boy,  Daniel doesn't need little ones or animals around.......he's his own worst enemy!"............but you proved once again,  that there is a method to your madness.  this is why I enjoy watching your build.......you add so much to it  :)     the above entry..........don't read a lot into it.   your such a whiz at dioramas,  when Jan made the comment,  it was the first thing that came to mind.   there is a picture there.......it would be interesting to see your interpretation of it.

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@ Jan


This is material to do with flower decorations, parcels, wedding dresses and this kind of stuff. A forum mate in the german forum found it and I got a whole role for use with my etch parts.


@ Thank you popeye :-)


But I think that would be too emotional for me ;-)


The belaying pins are on base of Phillip Reed, always worth to have a close look at his technics.



Edited by dafi

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Thank you Sirs!

As a small sign of life, I did some parts that look easier than the way I wanted them to do :-)
The gunwale from fo´castle to waist, the on-molded partners needed to be replaced. In P. they have to rolls for some running rigging incorporated, so that was a "wannahavethat2" ...
...ok, once in the mind, never to leave again.
Made a green master, that far that good, but ...
... to get 2 fitting holes into that thin structure proved quite a task. Some pre drilling in 0,25 mm and finalizing with 0,3 mm and the holes were through ...
... and still fitting a base underneath the circular section that houses the spare spars ...
... and then the exciting moment ...
... of the mock rigging, and it worked, the rope went through.
Edited by dafi

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And following the disaster end of August I proudly declare that Captn Hardy ...

... has the ceiling of his cabin finally repainted  :-)
And the forecastle is done too :-) :-)
... and some more beauty shots from the kitchen  :-) :-) :-)
The pikes are only on one side of the mast as the main stay is passing on starboard.

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