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Friendship sloop by Cap'n'Bob - 1:48 - Finished

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Well it’s time to start building again.  I’ve been working on the plans for an early friendship sloop.  The friendship sloop was originally a fishing boat similar to the Muscongus Bay lobster smack, but since it did not have a centerboard it became popular with the cursing and day sailing crowd.  That is the way I plan to build this one.  Start with the plans drawn by Chapelle, remove the fish well and enlarge the cabin.  I plan to hold to Chapelle’s sail plan with two head sails no shrouds and no topsail.  First I scanned Chapelle’s plans into the computer and drew the keel parts and bulkheads.  After planking the bulkheads will be removed except for the lower portions which will become the floors.   Now it’s time to slice up some wood for the planking.









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I'd like to follow along too, such pretty little boats. As for the cursing, I think it's ok within certain parameters, although in my experience it kind of goes hand in hand with boat building!


With all good wishes & happy boat building for 2015,



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Twister, Frank, Harvey, all are welcome aboard.  Come join the party on this first day of 2015.  The building has begun but there’s still a long way to go.


Harvey my boat is based on those drawings but instead of 25 feet mine will be 30 feet (7.5 inches) on deck and 10 feet (2.5 inches) in breadth.  Also as mentioned earlier the cabin and cockpit will change.



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Thanks Bob. Most of the Friendships that I know of are in the 25-31 ft range. I've read about some that were up to 45 ft long, but I haven't found much more info on them. I might check with the Friendship Sloop Society to find out more about them.


Our Friendship is based on Chapelle's Pemaquid model in ASSC (that page is almost falling out of the book) but has an extended cabin. It's still tight, but will sleep 4 without too much trouble. Once they get to 30 ft, the interior opens up a lot.


Do you have the book "Friendship Sloops" by Roger Duncan? It has a lot of useful pictures, information and sketches. I've almost worn that book out too.


Enjoy! I will!





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The planking is done.  When I made the keel I made it from two pieces of wood so they would join at the rabbet line.  The portion that was attached to the bulkheads was 1/16’ thick so that with a  1/32” plank on each side it would be the same as the 1/8” outer portion of the keel. 


After the planking was finished the rough edges at the keel were sanded down to the keel.



The keel was then fitted over the planked hull.



With the bulkheads removed you can see the lower portions that were left to be the floors.



Since I plan on painting the hull I covered it with filler and sanded it smooth.



Now it's ready for the deck framing.




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