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  1. Chuck- In response to the latter part of your reply to my inquiry. Your prices are more than fair, for the quality you are producing and the development time you’ve invested. It’s nuts that some people think it’s a money making venture. The instructions that you produce alone for your projects are valuable for the amount of modeling tips, tricks, and solutions provided. Another factor, that you’ve already taken into consideration I’m sure, when forming prices is the limited target market. It’s a challenge to get the profit you deserve while still peeking the interest of new modelers. Yet, you still need to cover all the overhead costs. (A non-business person’s statement) Steve
  2. Have you started working out the price point on the starter packages or kit..or is if too early in production phase? Steve
  3. Chuck- You could probably just offer a full kit with parts, rope, blocks, etc. I wonder if a starter package is even necessary? This kit will fly off the shelves. Maybe just a choice of Cedar or Cherry wood if possible. Price difference as appropriate. I can’t commit at this point to the group project as I’m about to come off a marathon of building your MS boat kits and need a break from boats. ;-) I will be interested in your kit a bit down the line for sure. Steve
  4. @xken’s build log is a must see for your project. Best of luck. Steve
  5. When I decided to get into this hobby I started research by googling model ships. My results came up with Model Expo/Model Shipways. Knowing nothing I was attracted by the kits for their detailed plans and Model Expo's return/replacement policy. Like many others the price, size of completed model, subject, and detailed instructions attracted me to the longboat kit. Steve
  6. It seems to be working, Dirk. Please get back to Confederacy. ;-) Steve
  7. Jack is right. I primarily use my iPhone for MSW and finally figured out that you have to press like twice. It wasn't always the case. Likes are now showing up that weren't before. Steve
  8. We are Moving

    Looks awesome. I can take any tools that don't fit in this workshop. ;-) Steve
  9. The site will be down from time to time due to updates and such. Not an issue people. ;-) Remain calm. Steve
  10. 001.jpg

    Impressive ship!

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