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  1. Two more reference photos are shown. The windlass handles will not be installed into the windlass, but placed as shown in the photos. Installed, they took up too much needed space. There's a lot more to do, but I wanted to get some feedback on the rudder placement. Installed or stowed? Any thoughts? There will be a rope coil placed on the aft platform and one on the port side cockpit seat. Steve
  2. Wouldn't worry about it. Looks great. Steve
  3. I like it, Mike. Looks very clean. Steve
  4. Before mounting the longboat permanently, a decision had to be made about final placement of the oars and mast. I decided to keep the oars closer to the boat so the mast details would not be obscured. I also updated the photo in my previous post. Nothing is glued yet, but soon. Lots of planning for this type of presentation. Very enjoyable process. Steve
  5. I'll have to follow this one. Nice work so far. Steve
  6. Some interesting updates to report. In what I call another placement reference photo, the gaff is rigged and the rope coil where the beads are threaded was made from black thread included with the kit. One additional tan rope coil needs to be added for the throat halyard before its final placement. The photo with the gaff in the vise shows the method I used for the seizing. I place a drop of CA where the knot will be located and then tighten the knot over the CA. Snip off the excess when the glue dries. The shroud pairs were seized around the mast using the method shown in the following photo. Final adjustments will be made before it's mounted permanently. Steve
  7. It's important to get off to a smooth start. Better than fighting with warped plywood. You can email them too. It's not always easy getting them on the phone. One man show over there. jgarcia@modelexpo-online.com
  8. Yes, sir. First build so I wanted to stick with as much of the kit supplied stock as possible. Steve
  9. It's been a while since I've redone something. So here it is. Revised backstay pendents. Smaller seizings and a cleaner rope coil. Steve
  10. If it were me I would get replacements from them on all the sheets that are warped. I have this kit too in waiting. I'm sure there's other solutions. They are good with sending replacements. Might take a little time though. Steve
  11. Thank you, Per. I try not to use CA at all. Hate the stuff and it dries shiny, which is why I used it under the knot. I'm trying new things and learning a lot! Steve