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  1. When I decided to get into this hobby I started research by googling model ships. My results came up with Model Expo/Model Shipways. Knowing nothing I was attracted by the kits for their detailed plans and Model Expo's return/replacement policy. Like many others the price, size of completed model, subject, and detailed instructions attracted me to the longboat kit. Steve
  2. It seems to be working, Dirk. Please get back to Confederacy. ;-) Steve
  3. Jack is right. I primarily use my iPhone for MSW and finally figured out that you have to press like twice. It wasn't always the case. Likes are now showing up that weren't before. Steve
  4. We are Moving

    Looks awesome. I can take any tools that don't fit in this workshop. ;-) Steve
  5. The site will be down from time to time due to updates and such. Not an issue people. ;-) Remain calm. Steve
  6. 001.jpg

    Impressive ship!