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  1. Did you look at David Antscherl's planking tutorial? That speaks to this topic.
  2. These elevation marks were made and used only on land-based ordnance. Obviously they would be useless at sea!
  3. Check Royal Museums Greenwich for the sheer and profile plan of Aggie, also Raisonnable and Belliquieux (ZAZ 5102). Also see ZAZ 1279 and inboard profile plan ZAZ 1280.
  4. Other than the highly recommended W.E.May book, search the plans in the 'Collections' area of the Royal Museums Greenwich site. You will find many open boat plans to study there as well.
  5. With all due respect to lehmann, many years ago I used the method I described on a model for my daughter. It worked fine. Of course, if the ply is too thick, it's another matter, but I don't think kit maker supply wood any thicker than they need to!
  6. As has been remarked many times on MSW: ebony is hard to work, does not glue or bend well and is toxic. It is also expensive. Consider dyeing a different specie of wood black instead. Holly has worked very well for me.
  7. Jaager's suggestion is a very good one, but I was thinking that the pins would be driven in all the way permanently.
  8. Ah, I see your issue. Probably the best solution might be as follows: Dry fit the false deck and mark across the middle of the bulkheads. Drill holes through the deck for small brass panel pins or similar. Soak the false deck for several minutes in warm water. (Don't leave it too long, or it may delaminate!) Apply a glue such as Bondfast to the tops of the bulkheads, then lay the the deck in place. Pin down starting along the midline and working progressively towards the edges. The small pins or nails will hold the deck in place and shape while the glue sets up. Good luck with the job. Let us know how it works out!
  9. Is this 'false deck' in one piece and of plywood?
  10. I'm sorry to read of your health issues, Hellmut. I hope that the medical community can stabilize things and that you will continue to recover without further cerebro-vascular problems. Best wishes as you recuperate.
  11. Les; thank you for the reminder. You'll find regular safety warnings in various threads when the subjects of flammables, VOC's, particulates or other hazards come up. However, an extra 'safety' thread would not be amiss!
  12. Plain or hooked scarphs in the horizontal way would be appropriate.
  13. Good idea! Thanks for the url.