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  1. There are several plans of Princess Royal, 1773, in the Royal Museums Greenwich collection .
  2. Best wishes as you search for a new home, Michael. I hope there's lots of real estate choice in Edmonton right now!
  3. Sweet! Enjoy playing the instrument. Congratulations on a beautiful job.
  4. Those are great suggestions and, no, I'm not laughing. It makes an excellent subject for the Janeites! All the best with your presentation.
  5. Impressive: I don't think I'd have had such a steady hand-held shot under those circumstances, Julie!
  6. You have a load of suggestions already, but I'll add two cents anyway. If you want to build models that have the appearance of POF, many of the above such as the Cheerful kit will be great. However, if you want to understand actual prototype framed construction, may I suggest you look at Admiralty Models' Echo cross-section offering? It' s good way to ease into this type of model. (Link to AM is on the home page, right side.) Welcome to this merry band of modelers!
  7. Allan: The keel is boat-shaped, but that photo is misleading. You can see better pictures of this model on Vaddoc's build log page. I think he has solved the problems since that post on June 11.
  8. I just happened to check here and see several requests for Mihail's e-address. Some of you have since PM'd me and I've responded. Please PM me for his contact info, as I'm reluctant to post this to the world at large.
  9. Well, that was very kind of him! Glad that worked out for you.
  10. Looks like you need the 1812 edition or later, then.
  11. Um, the reason why you are getting no response to your request is that there is no Plate 39! In my edition of Naval Architecture of 1805, at least, there are only 38 plates. Perhaps the reference is either wrong or refers to a different plate number, edition or book.
  12. Looks like a kit with inaccuracies to me.
  13. Just remember when using alginate that mix time is typically 30 seconds to 60 seconds only, and set time (depending on the variety) less than one to two minutes. You have to move fast. If you plan to do a large are in sections, you need a special chemical: new 'pour' won't stick to set alginate otherwise. And, of course, you need to pour a plaster support over the alginate before removing the mold. Oh, and did I mention that powder to water ratio is critical? Have fun!
  14. Funny, I thought about mentioning alginate, but decided against it. First, being water based, it might affect the finish on the original - particularly if it was French polished. The plus is it 'takes' amazing surface texture, but the minuses are extremely fast set time and the rapid shrinkage due to dehydration, unless kept covered with a damp cloth. Even then....