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  1. druxey

    Brig USS Enterprise 1799 info gathering

    Ian: It's the Chapelle draught of the 14 gun unidentified schooner (post #124) that has station lines at right angles to the keel. The Salvini one does not.
  2. Well done and well finished, Toni. The display stand is very good: it does not detract from the model. Congratulations, and on to ??
  3. druxey

    New here

    Well, welcome aboard, Ab! Glad you could join us. It's great to be able to communicate with you: I wanted to say how impressed I was with the Rijkmuseum when I visited last year. The holographic animation of the half-hull model was superb! Hopefully it will inspire younger visitors to look more closely at the other models on display.
  4. I agree that sometimes, lacking a time machine or specific evidence to the contrary, 'best guess' after extensive research must make do. Annoying for those of us with OCD, but necessary!
  5. druxey

    Masthead trucks.

    One on each side athwarthips, I believe.
  6. I use 90% (or higher percent) rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) for dissolving PVA, not meths!
  7. Ah, yes. Scrubbing brush, bleach and old clothes are in your future, I predict.
  8. Also see the planking tutorials - free! - right here on this site.
  9. druxey

    What have you received today?

    I should have added: your kids (or grandkids) come first!
  10. druxey

    What have you received today?

    Those of you who have Longridge's Anatomy of Nelson's Ships on your shelves unopened - shame on you! It is a seminal book on period ship modelling, first published in 1955. It was my first serious book on the subject. I bought it with a book token that I won in a math competition held by the British magazine Model Engineer. I was eleven years old. I read and re-read it until it was almost falling apart. I still have that first edition copy, the dust jacket long gone. My advice: read it!
  11. Oooh! A nice long-term project for someone. Looks like a beautiful production, but not cheap.
  12. Exactly, Ed. Stressing the joint before it is fully dry invites failure. How do I know this?
  13. The suspicion raised about the one of the components of sanding sealer reacting with Titebond II might be your answer.

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