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  1. That seems like a reasonable assumption, Mark. It's certainly a new term for me! Thank you for posting the actual examples of this. I do note the provision "as shall be directed", implying that this might be a catch-all phrase preceding those words.
  2. I wish I'd read all these justifications years ago! Where were you all when I needed excuses????
  3. I've used an almost vibration-free DeWalt 778 successfully for 15 years. (Sorry, Brian!) I'm very happy with its performance. It is a variable speed machine. It's not clear whether the Jet offers this very useful feature. Foe instance, one can cut acrylic successfully at very slow speed without melting the plastic to the blade.
  4. Are you sure? Is it handwritten or part of the printed form?
  5. Just stumbled across your log, Michael. What a lovely craft! Very sweet lines. I can see she'd be a lot of fun. You've done a lovely job on her.
  6. Beautifully rendered, Igor. Also, the construction is interesting. Well done!
  7. I use bamboo for treenail production. I split and draw it down dry. As described above, use the layer just under the glassy outer layer. As one goes further down inside, the material becomes soft and fuzzy. And yes, using parallel pliers to draw the bamboo minimizes - but does not entirely eliminate - crushing.
  8. Stay-Brite can be blackened? Well, apart from the issue of false advertising, I didn't know that! Good to know that it is lead-free. Thanks, Kurt.
  9. Read one of the planking tutorials on this site.
  10. There were many medals struck to commemorate Nelson. The nicest (in my opinion) is the Boulton Medal.
  11. Ah! So it was never a book at all. Thank you. Alcedo and Jim. It was my education for today.
  12. Perhaps it was an advance ad for a volume that was never published?
  13. First Resawing Adventure

    An impressive pile of resawn lumber!
  14. Metal work resourcnes

    The Complete Metalsmith is a mine of information! All gold, no dross.