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  1. Gunport door question

    The securing cleats on gun decks were usually attached to the beams overhead.
  2. Miracles do occur

    Congratulations. May recovery and rehab go smoothly for you.
  3. Color of ratlines

    Well, one opinion, for what it's worth: ratlines are part of the standing rigging, therefore are tarred. It's possible that sailors' hands and feet acquired some of this stuff when climbing the rigging, so were referred to as - wait for it! - 'tars'.
  4. You raise an interesting question, Jim. Holly decks are a model-makers' convention. Another convention that does not reflect 'real' ships is ebony for false keels. Yet another is using black line for standing rigging. These styles were begun by well-known model-makers and then copied by many others. And so it continues. Personal taste comes in to play here. Some prefer a stylized look to their models. Others prefer a 'realistic' appearance to their models, including wear and weathering. You, as the maker, have to please yourself (unless you are building on commission for a client). There are no absolute right or wrongs.
  5. Best wishes with your change in circumstances, Alexander! Nice lion's head.
  6. Advice on sails

    SilkSpan worked well for me. You might want to get the supplement to Volume IV, The Fully Framed Model from SeaWatchBooks. It describes a method of working with this material.
  7. Greenwich Hospital Barge Kit?

    No, that is a pirated version - and not a very good one - lifted from the book that you see advertised, I'm afraid.
  8. A quick reminder of the Model Shipwrights of Niagara meeting this coming Sunday afternoon, January 14. Details above!
  9. I would not want to speculate at a distance from a single photograph. As this is apparently a 'decorative model', I would simply leave things as they are with the lightest of cleaning.
  10. Membership total....

    Apparently it's happened now, according to the site counter. Break out the bubbly!
  11. Some colors are more transparent than others and need more coats to cover adequately.
  12. Glue

    I used to use UHU many, many years ago. If it's still the same, it is a solvent-based glue. This makes clean-up or de-bonding an issue. If you are working with wood, use white (polyvinyl) or yellow (aliphatic) glue. Use water to clean up, and there are less health issues!
  13. Not a great idea. Wood will shrink, particularly across the grain as it dries, leaving gaps between the strakes. Bend and let the plank dry out in place, then adjust for final fit before gluing it.
  14. I found some foil in a roll at Michaels - a craft shop chain in N. America. As you don't show where you live, I don't know if that's of any help to you or not!