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  1. Bitumen can be problematic. It never really dries out completely. However, I don't know about very thin washes of it; perhaps this isn't an issue. In paint it certainly 'crawls' over time and can alligator as well. You could try washes of acrylic or, if you don't want to use that, artists' oil paint. Burnt umber or Van Dyke brown would be better substitutes.
  2. tapering masts

    Dan's method is the best way: and you don't need the expense of a lathe! That's how the old-time mast and spar makers did it as well.
  3. Banned Kit?

    Brilliant. The pirates pirating off other pirates that.... on and on, like an infinite hall of mirrors! Hopefully they will soon disappear up their own collective fundus.
  4. Great Harry

    If the NMM (now RMG) database has mis-identified this, one can let them know by clicking the box below the description: Help us Do you know more about this? Share your knowledge
  5. Rope edging on sails

    For yet another approach, see the topic under 'Reviews': Swan IV, Sailmaking Supplement.
  6. 70 Gun Anne of 1690

    Thanks for this contribution, Richard!
  7. I'm not sure when those photographs (above) were taken, but the splitting seen is somewhat worse than my memory of her (I happen to have an eidetic memory). Despite the ravages of time, she is still the amazing model - as well as Longridge's book - that inspired me as a young person.
  8. We are Moving

    Brilliant, Michael! Enjoy your new workshop in good health, my friend. Also, many happy years in your new home.
  9. Possible ebony substitute

    Gregory: I believe that the popularity of using ebony in models was started by the late Harold Hahn. His stylized models have ebony false keels and wales. Certain trends and fads in modelling come from a wish to emulate star model-makers.
  10. Deadeyes and Chainplates

    Is the joint soft-soldered? If so, it won't take the strain, or stand annealing. Silver soldering is required, which anneals the metal as the heat is sufficient to do so.
  11. Possible ebony substitute

    I personally dye wood to resemble ebony, but I mentioned the substitute for those who want to avoid dyes. Mark, I don't know how flexible the product is. I've not tried working with it.
  12. There is a possible substitute for ebony now offered by Lee Valley Tools. As you know, natural ebony is hard to work and glue, as well as creates toxic, messy dust. The polyester substitute is available in rods or sheets. Sheets are about 9" x 11" and about 1/8" thick. Synthetic ivory and bone are also available. I can't vouch for gluing properties or longevity, but these might be worth experimenting with.
  13. Wolfram zu Mondfeld passed away

    Thank you for letting us know. He was a great influence for many model-makers. My condolences go to his family.
  14. No-one, but no-one should have that much fun in just four hours! Thanks for sharing this, Alan. A grand day out.
  15. To the best of my knowledge, that model is in the 'reserve collection' - a fancy phrase for 'storage'. Yes, there were some open seams in the model's wales, but they were there since the 1980's and were probably the result of low humidity.