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RMS Titanic by popeye the sailor - Academy - PLASTIC - 1/400 scale

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I received this kit for Christmas from my admiral......she was so bummed out,  that it wasn't the Billing's Titanic.  I have never built an academy kit before......I was impressed with how the kit looks.   there is quite a bit of detail to it,  and I really like the size......the hull is 26 1/2 inches long.  I have to be brief....I am to grill supper.   it has been an off the wall busy day!




  I will start with an overall view of the parts......there are so many small parts.......I really have been away from plastic for quite a while.  I had to do this on the dining room table,  so there may be some bad lighting issues.






the instructions don't look too bad,  but since I plan to do some painting,  I think it best to hold off on the rigging until the painting is done.  {I'm sure they mean well}   I'm not too keen on the chrome....a few of the parts pertain to the stand,  but the name plaque,  props,  and anchors will need to be stripped.  I use brake fluid for the process and a good stiff brush.




there are a few water slide decals.......jury's still out on the flags.......they are peel and stick.   I neglected to mention that the parts are done in colored plastic.  for those who don't do much painting,  this kit would be ideal........reminds me of the larger scale Revell kit from the past.  here are all the white sprues.








the deck parts and sprue is done in a tan color....the deck areas will need to be painted a flat tan.  sorry.....I have the sprue panel upside down.




there is a black sprue panel,  a couple brown sprue panels,  and the funnel parts are done in an orange / yellow color.






there is a pack of rigging thread tucked in the sleeve of the stand base.   there are plastic ratlines in the kit as well....I may do away with them,  as well as throw another size rigging thread in the mix.  I'm pretty sure that not all the rigging is the same size.  the hull is an interesting part........the bottom paint has already been done.  I'll go into it more in my next post.




as the build progresses,  you'll see the detail that is molded into this kit.   it is a pretty nice kit......but it's going to be a nightmare to paint the detail on the bow and stern panels.  personally,  they might have done better to increase the part count,  instead of molding the detail into these parts.   that of course would alter the skill level.......and the market span as well.   I just hope I haven't lost my knack in painting small detail  ;)

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my smaller table was cleaned off........and THAT'S where it is to be assembled.  I told myself that.......the main table is for the wood builds........I really need to get back into that habit.  


as you can see,  the stand is a pillar type stand.   there are recessed circles that can be drilled out in the hull bottom.






one thing I might elect to do,  is to attempt to light it.   I have the stand and hull figured out.......it's the upper deck areas that I'll need to figure out.   I'll know more as I go along.   the bow and stern panels are shown here.......right side up.   you can see the detail that they molded into them......it's really nice.   they even embossed the names of the sections on the deck areas.   it's great for knowledge,  but none of this will ever be seen.   still cool though.  ;)






a firm rule is that paint will not adhere to chrome,  so all of this will be stripped.  the name plate is quite intricate.....even the pillars are in halves,  and will need to be cemented together,  and will leave nasty lines.  stripped,  I can sand them smooth and paint them.   I have the Testor's gold and the Billing's gold......I'll be sure to give them a clear coat to resist finger prints.






it's kinda sad actually that they painted the waterline and bottom.  the two prop housings that need to be cemented on are unpainted......black colored plastic.  they tell you what colors are required to mix and achieve the color,  but it can be a hit or miss thing.  I also have to sand and do a small repair to the bottom.......there is a visible mold line and ripped out sprue marks.   I match up a color close to that and redo it.......no preblemo!






I began the build,  by cementing the spacer bars in place,  in the hull.   there are slots along each one of these to accept the port and starboard bulwarks,  once the bulwark and decks are assembled.  there are also a pair of bow and stern bulwarks,  that will be added once those panels are in place.  I am a bit concerned,  since all the decks {except for the bridge deck panel} appear to be a tiny bit wider than the hull,  even with the spacers installed.  I hope they are right.



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WOW!  you two are fast!  :D   well......welcome!   no....no master.......please.......I haven't touched any REAL plastic since 2009!  I've just begun to pick at it a little....already found a few areas that I can play with.   so make yourselves at home and I hope I can make it interesting enough for you.  ;)


I did do one more thing,  beyond what I've done so far.  I painted all the deck areas that will show.   I used a flat deck tan for this......I'd try to texture it,  but the way the bow and stern panels look,  I might be too afraid to botch it up {gathering in the edges and stuff}.




I'll get to do more once I get settled in  :)



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glad to have you looking on John!   unusual is right.........I feel like an alien!  can't remember when I had this much plastic on the table!  :D  :D    I'll try and do right by it though.   I did have to laugh......while I was looking it over,  the admiral was sitting at her computer shaking her head.  she still can't come to grips,  that SHE.......the person who doesn't want me to build plastic anymore.......got me the kit.  every now and then......I'll run the hull past my nose and say  "ahhhhh......the sweet smell of plastic!"   I hope you enjoy  ;)

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Super excited for this build; I've been a Titanic nut since I was 4 years old! A couple years ago I finished my own 1:350 scale Minicraft kit one that I had since high school, but that sat for four-five years while I went to college and got settled at my first job. However, it was the first kit I really spent time finishing well, and as such there were a lot of things I didn't do for fear of botching it and a desire to get it buttoned up and move on. For example, there are a few sheets of photo-etched brass railings, and some other items, that I didn't touch, and I didn't do any of the rigging. But I'm satisfied with what I did do. 


Anyway, that was my long-winded way of expressing how excited I am to see this one go together! hope there's still room in the front row :)

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awwww shucks Bob........I was kinda leaning toward a walking dead theme......nawwwww!  just pull'in your leg  ;)    it will be a straight shooter for sure.  I will tweak it a little ;)    thanks for joining in!


thanks George,  Augie,  Ed,  and Urmilla...glad to have you all on board!


I don't know what he meant Mark......perhaps a passenger liner is off my beaten path  ;)


not sure what you'll learn Marty,  but I'll try and make it interesting  ;)


so far,  I haven't found any aftermarket parts for this kit Ben.   no problems though.......gonna be mostly out of the box anyway.  glad to have you looking in!


thanks to everyone that hit the like button.     wish I had more of an update,  but with all the interruptions,  I've only been able to dry fit a couple parts.  I hope to be able to do at least a little by this evening  ;)

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I'll be watching too.  I got the old Entex version of this kit in my stash and I keep telling myself I'm going to build it.


Does the bottom of the hull come pre-painted?  Hmmm, Revell did the same think with a number of their large kits.

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it's funny Jack.......a friend of mine has a huge surplus of armor kits.   I asked him if he had any half tracks.


this hull is pre painted Scott....I wish they didn't.  I need to clean up some imperfections,  and the parts I need to add,  are another color.   I do mix paints,  but with all the off - shade colors that are out there today,  why bother.   I'll just make the repairs and assemblies,  and repaint it.  glad to have you follow along.


I haven't built an Academy kit either Keith.......I guess we'll both find out ;)


I'm humbled to see so many here to watch this build.  you are all so very welcome to attend  :)     I hope I can make it interesting for you all!  :)

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Hi Popeye,


I'll follow along as well if you don't mind. 


I think it is almost 40 years  since I last built a plastic kit.  Looks like things have moved on a very long way in terms of the detail that is either molded in or can be added.  :)





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Hey Popeye, mind if I pull up an empty Heineken crate to sit on?  Plastic eh?  I have four plastics on the shelf for a lifetime now.  So here I am learning how to finish a plastic model.

Please be very generous with how you are tackling this build and the finishing details.



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my last plastic kit was 2009.......the Cutty is still waiting to be repaired from the move and to have her braces and studding sails put on.   I'm trying to get another one.......from a friend in Hawaii  ;)


if there is anything I can teach you Sal........it's imagination.   but if you see something you can use....feel free!  ;)


I like tanks too.......but the half track gives you the best of both worlds.......the Germans had some pretty cool variants.


I'll do the best I can Piet....but what are we going to do with an empty Heineken crate?  hey......got one for ya


a guy robs a liquor store and makes off with a case of brandy.  the cops caught him,  drunk as a skunk...he had drunk one of the bottles.  well,  they arrested him and took the rest of the case as evidence.   his court date comes up.........the judge throws it out of court.  the judge said they couldn't make a case out of 11 bottles!      I know.......silly......but that's me  ;)


what kits do you have on the shelf?  browsing minds want to know  :)     welcome to you all.....I hope I don't bore you to tears with this one,  but I'll try my best to make it interesting.  one more day at work,  and then it's play time again.   I did mess around with the bridge deck,  putting a few walls up.  I was saddened to see that the injection pin marks were on the OUTSIDE of the walls!  I think the bulwarks that attach to the decks {after they are stacked} will hide this,  but I'll see when I get to that point.   update soon!

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