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IJN Yamato by Wblakeny - DeAgostini - 1/250

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Hello everyone


I'd like to start a new log for the Yamato.




This kit is the one DeAgostini brought out a couple of years ago here in Belgium.

I was able to buy this kit from anoter shipmodeller who had lost intrest in building her.  He let her go for only 50 € so this was really a bargain  :)


This is what i got :








I must admit i'm a little terrified of the adventure ahead of me,  after watching the the superb logs and builds of Greg's Yamato and Carl's Musashi. The latter being the Yamato's sister ship.


I hope i can do her credit by building a nice model of the greatest warship of her time.

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To fix the warped hull, i decided to rebuild the hull. I carefully took apart the components.


Luckily it proved to go rather well, i think the former builder didn't use wood glue but a simple contact glue.






Once the parts got separated, the degree of warping became very obvious.




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To fix the bulkheads, i first made a cart template using the side which was not damaged. Afterwards i glued the template on the bulkhead.






I then filled the voids at the corners with some wood filler. Once dry, i sanded the corners smooth.




I remade the part that was to much damaged, using some old plywood i had lying around.




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Wow, you really hit the jackpot to buy this kit for the small amount you paid. In addition, the construction manuals are no longer included as part of the new offering from DeAgostini (at least not in the USA), so that makes your good deal even better.

My kit still sits in all it's unopened boxes waiting on me to become motivated. I am going to follow yours with interest.

Good luck and happy modeling!

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Hi daddyrabbit and welcome to my log  :)


You always can look at the forum of ModelSpace for additionnal information about the construction of this kit.

It has helped me already sometimes to figure things out.


I've noticed some errors here and there in the instructions.

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I've started rebuilding the ship. First i've made a building board.  Then using toothpicks i've attached the bottom of the ship to the building board.

I'm hoping it will stay straight this way.




Afterwards i've been adding the bulkheads onto the bottom plate. I've used aluminum L-profiles to ensure straight corners and rubber bands to keep te pressure downwards.







Between the bulkheads i've added some strength using pieces of pine. I hope to achieve a rigid skeleton this way.




I continue building the skeleton this way, every few bulkheads with afterwards the wooden pieces in between.




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A few bulkheads have warped as well, some even in two directions. I tried to straighten them with some wooden battens.
Some needed one on the upper side, some one the lower side of the bulkhead. Some needed one above and below.

I used my mill to make to make the slots to fit it all on the skeleton.



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I've finished building up the frame.




With the aid of a laser i've checked of the stern is still in the good alignment with the stem.




Then i've checked the bulkheads with starboard versus port. I've noticed some errors here and there of approx 1 mm.
Perhaps negligable, but i wanted them corrected. I've marked the errors in red.


To correct these flaws, i used some old planks of 0.5 mm i had lying around from old kits.


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A big difference in the hull, now compared to when you started. Great job!


PS: How does the photo etch that came with you kit look? Does it appear sufficient to get a good finished result or would more be better?

The reason I asked is because I've been seeing some 1:250 Yamato photo etch sets on Ebay recently and am wondering if I should get a set. I don't think my kit part installments have included the kit photo etch yet for me to compare.

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Hi Chris,

This is solid, least to say.

Regarding the wooden hull, is this also a (double?) planking procedure, similar to period ships ?

If so, a lot of sanding will be required to obtain a smooth surface, I guess.

Went through some"googeling" : along with her sistership Musashi = these were huge ships



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Hi Christian, this is a single planking. But the planking is much easier versus the planking of the period ships.


And yes, there's going to be a lot of sanding and filling afterwards. Also i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to simulate the plating.

I've been thinking of different stuff, like yoghurt cans, soda cans, paper, copper tape...   I guess i'll have to try them out on a piece of wood and then decide what to use.


Daddyrabbit, concerning your question of the PE. There's already a lot of PE along with the kit. But there are some things missing. Like the platforms on the backside of the tower for instance. I'll be buying some other PE to build up the details.  Another example are the ladders, i don't like the ones that are given along. I'll definitely change them as well.

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