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HMS Victory by Barbara Lange and Dad - Scale 1:38

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First step on our way to complete the running rigging. The sprit boom is up 😊. Don't ask how many times I attached it to the bowsprit,  though. Today I was so frustrated that I tore it down one more time, adjusted the martingales and now I am happy with the result. Dad is busy winding  the white ropes for the running rigging. 


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Ok. I can try. But that will take a while. As I said, it is my father, who is building it for 36 years now. I have to try and find pictures in his stuff. I already found a typed letter from Alexander McKay in which they discussed sanitary facilities for the crew. 😊

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Wow! Something else. Monogrammed letters on the whole row of buckets. These are things I have not seen before. Staggering.

Like a hidden treasure suddenly coming to light.

I am sure there is a museum somewhere who would love to have it.

There is a wonderful model in the Melbourne museum of the Cutty Sark, which a local man spent his whole adult life making, and so the museum has put it on display.

I feel this model also deserves the same treatment.



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Bonjour, c'est la 1ère fois que je vois un modèle du victory fait avec une telle précision. Pour ma part, j'ai commencé le Victory il y a 38 ans et je suis loin de le terminer car je ne connaissais pas les plans de Mc.Kay c'est seulement il y a 5 ans que j'ai pu les avoirs et ça m'aide beaucoup.

Je suis sous le nom de "isalbert".

Est ce que tu pense qu'il peut m'aider sur des pièces que je ne sais pas comment faire comme les filets ou les fameux seaux.

En vous remerciant,




Hello, this is the first time I see a model of victory done with such precision. For my part, I started the Victory 38 years ago and I am far from finishing because I did not know the plans of Mc.Kay it is only 5 years ago that I could have them and it helps me a lot.

I am under the name of "isalbert".

Do you think he can help me on pieces that I do not know how to do like fillets or the famous buckets.

Thanking you,


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The story of the buckets... 


I spoke with Dad about the buckets. He rememers making them with leather which he hallmarked with gold leaf. A friend of his had the metal embossing tools ( I'm sorry, I don't know if I am using the correct vocabulary here). He still has a few spare buckets. The handel is a piece of string, the leather edges are butted up against each other, no overlap. 


He ist enjoying your comments very much. If any one wants to see the model in real life and is willing to come to Germany/Munich, you are more than welcome to visit us. 




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