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HMS Winchelsea 1764 by westwood - 1:48

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Hi boys, Let me you join your group and introduce myself.
I am Slovak, I live near Trenčín.
I have a manual job so I spend my free time mainly on biking.
I am a forum member for many years but I came back to modelling after about twenty years.
Two years ago I started with Revenge kit which is rather a scratch build.
But I like Chuck's project very much and indeed all your builds guys have inspired me a lot to return to this beautiful hobby.
So I couldn't wait any longer and started building Winnie as well.
I'm currently finishing the first chapter. I'll gradually upload photos of the build.
Now I wish everyone happy, healthy and prosperous new year.




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Hey, guys,
thank you for the warm welcome and the kudos.
I really appreciate it.
Adding the bulkheads was the easy part because everything fit perfectly.
I start fairing at the bow.
Then I did the Port framing.
Sanding the ports was a bit more challenging because the bulkheads are soft poplar plywood and cherry wood is harder.
And then I made the job even more complicated by adding balsa blocks.
I hope I won't regret it.



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Hello friends,
unfortunately I didn't have enough time to build but I finally took the next step.
I checked the bow shape over and over again.
And yes the templates and plans and also your logs help a lot...





...Finally the first plank is glued.
I just hope it's ok now.

What do you think guys , has it fine run ?

I hope so, because I'm worried about it.









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