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Well with the corrections nearly complete I thought it might be a good idea to do produce a proto-type build log (of sorts). Obviously unlike other kits ESSEX has already been released but it and the members here on MSW didn’t have the benefit of seeing it come together.

This will hopefully give everyone a chance to see the details in the kit, ask any questions they may have and hopefully clear up any misconceptions about the kit.

How I’ll conduct this is to follow along with the manual, although I won’t be posting the actual pages but some of the photos and details.

I’ll do this over a series of weeks (the manual is 15 chapters). It’s my intent to complete this in no more than half that time.

One note, any updates regarding the corrections will continue to be posted in that thread. This thread is solely about the design and build of the proto-type.




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Someone is calling me ????????/


Ok, here I'am at last !!!!!

Is there a seat for me left?

I'm always in for something like this.

I put this on my wish list and maybe when we are going to visit the USA , I'll take one back to me to Holland (If I can convince Anja)


One moment please, I have to go to the storage room to get the popcorn machine....


Here he is.







P.S. Sam, don't forget to say Hi to your mother  :D  :D

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Sam, I think that it's a great idea for you to post this log. Everyone will get a chance to see you build a beautiful model that will hopefully soon result in a really fine kit.



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