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Andrea Gail by Popeye the Sailor - 1:20 scale - Finished

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once upon an idea...........there was a concept to build three boats,  all with a holiday theme.   they were part of an experiment,  to replicate hulls,  using kit parts panels.   in my opinion,  it was a success....the M&M fun ship being a completed build,  the trawler 'Syborn' well on it's way towards being the second ship to be completed.  the 'Syborn' is unique to me, because it was an added experiment in making the hull longer by adding in copies of key ribs, stretching the hull.  these two were created using the hull from the Billing's Mary Ann.......or even the Cux 87.


when I assembled the hull for the Boulogne Etaples,  I saw possibilities yet again.....and the three hulls were created from the parts panels from this kit.   I originally had three themes for the subject of Christmas,  but as time went on,  one of the themes fell through.  I was left with a hull without a theme :(


in building these boats.......I at least want them to be somewhat logical {although the M&M boat was more of an 'admiral's whim' ;) }.   when I was making these hulls.......I had thoughts about the Andrea Gail.  I looked her up in the Billings catalog.....the bones were there...it could be done.   I kept her on the back burner.....I have projects started already...enough to keep me busy for a while.   maybe later.


months past...............


it was during my two month hiatus,  that the idea surfaced again.  I had downloaded the instructions for the R/C version of the A.G. and thought I would look at them.  I also found that there was also a static kit out there as well....smaller scale,  but just as detailed.  I thought about the Gundalow,  and how a simple article I read,  stopped me in my tracks.  perhaps that is the same problem here......can't say for sure......but you know it's pretty chronic,  if the admiral starts to take notice ;)


if you've been following the Holiday Harbor build,  you've seen the modifications that needed to be done,  to create the basic hull.   I found an interesting article:


Perfect Storm, The - THE ANDREA GAIL


seeing the movie about the Andrea Gail during the time frame made me want to attempt this,   all the more.   I wish i had saved a copy of the search records.......they never found Capt. Tyne or his crew.


....and so......to where I am now.   the hull and the pilot house has been created.   the hull needs to have the external rails done,  and soon the paint.  I'm using the Billing's plans as sort of a practicum,  so......if you see something that may not be exactly correct,  it's just me keeping the copyright monster at bay {but it will be in the ballpark though}.  here is the hull and where I am now :)




I only had a chance to sand down the roof line of the pilot house so far....more needs to be done.




the ice maker looked too deep to me.......I took about 1/4 of an inch from it,  so that it would sit under the cut - a - way on the starboard side.






lastly.......here is the boat that they used in the movie......you can see on the bow where they had changed the name.



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sorry to hear that Ed.........hope it's nothing serious and she feels better.  I'll do my best to make it interesting...even funny to make her laugh  ;)    hate it when one of my star followers is laid up.  let her know I'm pulling for her and thanks for following along  :)


thanks as well everyone for the likes....I'll try my best for a quick update!  :)

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the rack.........nice......but it's wrong.  I had assembled it relying on memory....look where it got me.


there should be a few more pegs on the top......so I will add them.   I didn't allow for the podium and a lower level,  and set the racking back another 1/4 of an inch after all is assembled.  to start the correction, the appendage needs to be cut off.




I have to say one thing about this bamboo dowel.....it is a bit tough to get a clean cut,  without causing slivered splinters.   I'm having to repair them as I go along.   more on this soon.


I had cut a couple of lengths for the main part of the trawl rig.   I wish I could show this in place,  but it is not free standing,  in it's present state.  it's attachments are on the upper deck and the pilot house roof.

     in finding the measurements and angles....they are odd increments......too much for the sophisticated tools that I have,  so I had to improvise.   the top of this part is a larger dowel,  drill indented,  to accept the upright posts.  compounding my angles,  I was able to comply with the required increment of angle.




the rule fixed to the table,  gives the bottom of the uprights the spread it needs.......the magic number is 190 mm.




the spreader bar is added.......set high enough so it will clear the roof of the pilot house.




in the space above,  supports were added,  using smaller dowel.  it was assembled with CA.....but later filled in with white glue to remedy the small craters and divots.   I can add more later after I sand and see that it needs it.  I did both sides.






at the moment,  I'm playing with these sub assemblies.   the rub rails need to be added....and then maybe.....just maybe,  the hull can get cleaned up enough for paint....whooooooHooooooo!

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thank you Nils.........now I'll give something to really laugh about {go ahead.......I did :blink: }



another sub assembly I decided to play with,  are the ladders  {we all know how much I love to play with ladders}.   first off though........it's not in it's proper place,  but I though I show you this photo of the assembly I just made.........I just like how it looks  :)




with some 1/16 square stock,  I made the ladder that will go up the side to this part.......it leads to an upper platform.  I sanded it and took the squareness away,  but I'm not really happy with the rungs.   their not as clean as I would like them to be.








I then thought to make one like I did on the Nordkap,  using staples.   first starting with two equal length pieces of 1/16 square stock.......marking them in 5 mm segments.




then drilling the holes and cementing in the staples




when all was said and done.......it looked like this




I like it.........but wasn't happy with the fact that some of the staples weren't all the same height.......as if the holes in the Formica {all around there} wasn't a dead give - a - way to what was to happen next.




I had to keep in mind that I was using CA...........usually when I do some bone headed move like this,  I use white glue.......much easier to pry off the table.  the admiral saw me doing this earlier.......thought it was the coolest thing in the world.........she doesn't know about the outcome yet.  she liked the wooden ladder and thought I was nutz for thinking it wasn't good enough.  I think with a little tweaking on my method :rolleyes:  I think it would work .  these are staples that fit in the mini staplers.   of all the best laid plans..........this one was too good....NOT....to show you :D :D :D

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Hi Popeye. When I read the word "staples", I couldn't think what that had to with building a ladder, until I saw your photo. Ingenious technique! Sorry to hear that it didn't work out, though. Nonetheless, it certainly has given me some ideas on how to build a ladder if I needed to in the future. For what it's worth, the wooden one looked great, as well.


Overall, a great build and I'm enjoying seeing your Andrea Gail coming together.


All the best!

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thanks Omega.......that style of ladder would be seen on navel ships,  but it is also used  on commercial fishing vessels.   if I had done that using white glue,  I wouldn't have had that problem.   if I had also used a metal backing,  the drill wouldn't have gone into the Formica {it didn't go in too far.......most just nicked the surface.  I'll do it again...be sure of it....it is kind of a cool idea.


thanks Piet and Frank.........I will be using the ladder.......I have a couple more to make.   I was out with the admiral at hobby Lobby yesterday......got some more small dowels,  and something that will add some neat detail to the reels.   they used to carry a 'grab bag' of metal and brass parts...odds and ends.   I couldn't find it {I have a few other places I can look}.   anyway,  the admiral asked me if I wanted to take a look in HobbyTown.......it's in the same mall.  didn't find it there either,  although I did buy some different size brass sheeting and a few other things.   I took a look in the Plastruct and evergreen displays,  to see if I could use anything from there.   a lot of this stuff applies to HO scale.........I showed her the ladders.  she got visibly upset.......and even called me a cheater!  "you can make the ladders.......you don't need to go buying that stuff!"   I got a good giggle out of it  :)


thanks for posting Lextin.......glad to have you follow along.    best I can say is  'that's the cinema for you'....there is a lot of articles out there on their story.....I'm also sure that the relatives and families would rather know and have their story told,  that to have folks speculate in the guise of gossip and lore.  it miffs me more to read folks critiquing the movie,  pointing out every thing that was wrong with it.

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thanks Mobbsie :)    not to worry about the ladder.......not even considered a set back,  really.   I've given it a bit of thought,  and that type of ladder can be done.   folks like the original ladder  {even the admiral}.......so I'll just make the rest of them like that one.   I do have another style to make.......sounds easy enough....I'll make one and post it for others to try on their own.



done with my work week.......I'll see about getting more done  :)

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then you would have liked to be in the same isle as we were,  when we were picking out stuff at Hobby Lobby  :)     I think you would have laughed out loud,  when I was there,  tell her about scale and a modeler's view of it.   I enjoy having her with me.......she is the essential 'other side' of the medium...the one that would say "I could never do that".  I'm able to look through,  and get an idea of what a regular person would see.  I take it as a gift.........and I feel sadness for those,  whose admirals and friends scoff at what they do.   I think that we as modelers,  have a special gift,  of imagination and vision....and it's even more rewarding,  when your surrounded by folks who enjoy and support what you do.   I am truly blessed, my friend :)      when she saw me pull out the plastic ladder.......you'd have thought I betrayed the medium.


thanks for the comment Michael,  we are BOTH blessed in that respect {from what I see of your work}  ;)


well........anyway......I did promise you a look at another style of ladder.......didn't I?!?!  I wasn't happy about the rungs.   I has shown the first ladder to the admiral.....she thought it was neat.  I should know better than to critique my work in front of her.  she is a great sounding board.....but she got a bit vexed at what I said about the rungs....."it looks FINE.......what the heck are you looking for anyway?"  the conversation continued well into me making the staple ladder.   she saw the progress of that one,  and commented that she could never model like that.......she thought it was neat as well.   she had no words about the outcome though......she didn't have to.   I tried.......the method was a bit off........but I liked how it looked.   I haven't tried to modify it yet......but I will ;)


this third style is neat as well.  given the size dowel I used,  I had to increase the width of the uprights, marked off in 1/4 inch increments.




then to drill the holes for the rungs.  it's the same method as the staple ladder.......seen here is the modification to the method.   the wood looks a bit dirty.......just metal tarnish from the pin vise....it just shows you how long it's been since I last used it....way too long.




here is the dowel I have on hand.   I'm not sure of the diameter measurement,  but it's just shy of 3/32 in basswood.  it is a little rough.....to sand it smooth would probably bring it down to 1/16.  I tried to find something smaller,  but for that,  I could substitute brass.




put it all together,  and you come up with this.  I used CA for this.






I suppose if you were careful how it was assembled,  it could be stained with no trouble.  I wasn't that lucky.....but I'm happy with the results.   my efforts here will not go to waste........I'm thinking of adding it to one of the Holiday Harbor builds.  I put this here, since I'm working on this part at the moment.  short of soldering a ladder together,  this method would do quite well.



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 thanks for the good comments gents........the ladder has been fun to play with.   as I have arrived at the ultimate solution in making the type that will look the best,  I have run across another small problem.  it's not a real biggie,  but it's enough to slow me down and make me put on the 'ole thinking cap.   the hull has a tapered stern....not real dramatic and won't impact the finished build,  but wants to interfere with the way the rack and podiums are created.   I'll have an update soon  :)


to think of the ladders Keith,  it just like the movies.   you see a really cool film......then later you are treated to a short clip about all the bloopers that occurred in making it.   some even put then at the end of the movie.   here,  the bloopers are built in :)   I have no problem in showing them.......I think it puts the  'real life - real time'  into the creation of the model.  I enjoy every minute I spend at the table......I guess you could compare this to a comedy then......I guess.........the bloopers  ARE  the comedy  :D


I hope Ed's admiral got a laugh out of it :D   {it's OK my dear.......you can laugh..........I surely did! }  :D  :D 

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When we can no longer laugh at the small misfortunes of a hobby, the fun is gone...and Hobbies SHOULD ALWAYS be FUN. :dancetl6:


I remember on my Petersboro canoe build, Midwest recommended wiping the outer surface with CA as a sealer. Seemed a strange idea...but I was new (my 1st)...needless to say I sealed it alright...to my hand :huh:  I guess that's why skin was created to grow back :)


One nice thing, I didn't have to worry about dropping it. B)

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I've never heard of that........there's one for the books ;)  I can imagine the smell value wasn't too good




as promised,  I have the pictures of the rack and podium assembly.   I saw this problem early,  but I thought I'd add to it while I was thinking about it.  probably not one of my better plans,  but perhaps I'd think of a low impact solution.  so,  I added the first podium post,  and the support leg for the lower level.






it too short at the rack end of it still.........I thought it would make it longer.   I will add another section to this.




there is a slight slant to it,  which is not too much of a problem,  the legs still need to be sanded and adjusted,  so they all touch the deck.




the outer podium post with the cross bars........to be cemented to the assembly.




the addition to the rack was added,  along with a cross bar at rail level.   odd that the plans say to install it this way........but OK!  ;)




and....here is the problem at hand........due to the taper of the stern / bulwarks,  the podium floor is not going to be square.   the only real thing to do to remedy the problem,  would be to offset it at the connection of  the rack and the lower level.   I think I figured out where I need to make the cuts,  since this is crucial connection point.  I ended the evening with it looking like this.



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this......I did this morning.  I have an on and off relationship with rub rails.   there are time where,  with hardly no effort at all,  they come out nice........and other time,  no matter how much I measure,  they come out badly.   it didn't start out too good.......again,  I think it is because of the tapered stern.  for all who wondered why I left the slight non-conformity in there...........to correct it,  I would have had to chop off at least two ribs worth of stern off and make larger bulkheads {ribs}.  then,  replank and square it off from there.......too much work,  in my view.  then again,  it could be because I have the chute at deck level,  instead of dropping it about 1/8 of an inch.........it began at the stern.




this is how it should look,  but to line up the top rub rails to it,  they fall just below it.  so,  in order to make this work,  I changed the stern rails to this.




the top rub rail was laid on the port side.  it stops just before the bow




the starboard side was done,  along with the lower one........the lower one stops,  following the bow line






the port side was done soon after.






this made the stern look better,  even though it is not it should be.   the corners were rounded,  and the bow ends were evened out and tapered.  I did the port side a little more after the picture was taken.



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the stern has some vertical rails.   they taper at the top and bottom.




first,  the filler rails were added in




then the upper and lower rails were added




the little cracks and gaps were dabbed with white glue.  after allowing it to set for a min or so,  it was sanded to blend them together and the upper and lower rails were tapered.   they come out looking like this.






the port side was done son after





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