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KW49, Antje 1959 by Kees de Mol - FINISHED - scale 1/75 - Dutch side trawler

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Hi all,

When I went looking for a new ship to build, I got a picture from my grandfather who looked through the window of a ship's bridge in his younger years. Unfortunately my grandfather deceased at a very young age. It seemed beautiful to build a ship where he sailed on. An uncle of mine then indicated they would like to have a model of the 49 KW, Antje in 1959. My grandfather has been a fisherman on this ship and my uncle went with him several times as a kid. I have nothing promised to him but I started to look for information.



First, I came across a book with the following information to

N.V. Viss. Me. Kennemerland
Dageraad Woubrugge Year 1959
43,96 x 7:34 x 3.54 Capacity 291 Brt

07.18.1959 trial and transfer
1969 made suitable for beam trawling
1972 TX 46 Antje eig. P v.d. Vis
Sold in 1974 to Argentina is San Lucas


Unfortunately, there was further found little information on hand to be so I'm on several facebook pages and forums calls going to do if someone had more information, pictures or drawings. Immediately there were people who wanted to help me. They often had not the requested information but they knew people who had sailed on the ship. Unfortunately, many people already deceased but I managed to find a few people out after a lot of phone calls and mail, and some also had pictures.



At the wharf The Dageraad


During the trial

I finally managed to get to 32 original photographs of the KW 49 and I am very happy with it. Luckily I met a man who had sailed on the VL 16, a ship that was similar to the KW 49 He had a lot of pictures for me and even in color.

The VL 16]IMG_0019_zps47e3938e.jpg

The TX46 (formerly KW 49


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Drawings showed a different story. Several museums I have been called and talked to a lot of people, to heirs of the builder but no one knows where the drawings have remained. Well, I discovered that there were things from the yard (Dageraad in Woubrugge) in the National Archives in The Hague. I went through here, but unfortunately only found a contract, no drawings. Some time later I was contacted by a gentleman who did not have the original drawings but drawings of similar trawlers. He has sent me and it will definitely help me to build the Trawler The final line plan I have compiled from a line plan of a Belgian trawler that I got from a helpful fellow modeller

The National Archives in The Hague


The final line plan

A general plan of a similar trawler

Besides I have a lot of photos gathered from similar trawlers from that time so I always have a useful picture for details. Obviously, I can always go to former crew members to ask them how to build something

the purchase contract


Meanwhile I have "enough" material to build, and as I said, I am so first started modifying a drawing. I then copied the drawing several times. I'm going to make the hull with the so-called pile construction method. This will come clear in the next updates This way you get a rough shape of the hull that you still need to smooth sanding. In the course of my report I will show you all the steps.

The model will be built in the 1/75 scale where it will have a length of about 58 cm.

The first steps



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I didn't see the body plan in your lines drawings or didn't you show them? 

 Hello Piet. Thank you for your post. The lineplan I show is the only plan I use. In the last picture of my second post you can see what I do with it and in future posts it becomes more clear I think.


Regards, Kees

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Today I have sawn the mulitple sections of the hull. After this I will glue them together and then it's time for sanding, sanding and more sanding. I keep the lineplan nearby to control myself while sanding and then I will have an accurate hullform.








Regards, Kees

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Well what can I say.

I glued the sections together and added the topsection (wich is curved) and then I wanted to start sanding. But I had a bad feeling about it and started to measure everything again and compared it whit the plans I had. I turned out I had made a big mistake with making the drawings and the sections. The sections where not wide enough, they are arround 2 cm to short. That was a bummer :angry:

But in the meantime I recieved (unexpected) a really good lineplan wich I would not have to adjust. So I am still going strong and just started a new build. It will take some time but there will be a new update soon. This time with a good hull with good measurements :10_1_10:


Regards, Kees

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Today I sanded the new hull i made from mdf sections. The sanding went well and with the drawings and some photo's I managed to make a good shaped hull. Now I am going to finish the bull with some filler and sanding and then to the next step.




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I've come a little further with the hull of the Antje. A solid hull, thats not wat I needed because the ship offcourse is hollow. To make a hollow hull I decided to go for vacuumforming. On the internet I searched for info and I made a vacuummachine. It didn't work in one try. The first time my vacuumboc imploded, the second time the styreen sheet came out of the frame but the tird try worked out well. I got a nicely shaped hollow hull. It is a little thin but I can solve that by gluing rinforcements on the inside or lay up some glasfibre. But the most important thing is, that I can go on now with the build! :cheers:

YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYttdMcivDc



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Hi Kees,



Thanks for sharing this....

thats a very short but not less impressive Video of the vacuum shaping of the styrene plate.


What are you using as a heater in the heating box.... ?

With what styrene thickness have you achieved this result ?


Thats also a good Demonstrator to Keep in mind, in example for other vacuum molding objects



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Hello Nils,


Thanks. I used 2 patio-heaters for heating the styreen.Like these things http://www.vandergun-zonwering.nl/voor-buiten/terrasoverkapping/terrasverwarmers-somfy.html and I used 1 mm styreen. Earlier I used 2mm but that dint want to soften enough. The hull is almost 60cm long but you can use this for smaller objects offcourse.


Regards, Kees

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