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Prins Willem 1650 by Michiel - 1:50 - POB Zeeland ship from own plans

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Thanks Jan,


We just had a many page discussion on the schaarstokken... including comments from Ab,


But I think your right in all drawings of pinas's they do, the thing is that the hatch is rather large here, I stick to Ketting and with the batteries there I can't make it smaller. The distance between the main schaarstokken is now ~7 feet, and with that is fits nicely around the other hatches and the anker spill. So it's a bit of a compromise..




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Thanks Alex


The nails in the hull (cherry planks) are made from chestnut thorns


like this:




I drill 0.5 mm holes, then I pull a thorn from a shell a dip it in some glue and stick it in. When it's dry I cut most of with a small pair of scissors and than sand it further. Finally a scrape the entire section and apply danish oil. For the deck planks I find the thorns to dark and I just use tooth picks, without any further processing, just pushing them in so that they fill the 0.5mm hole. Again after oiling you get a very nice contrast due to the grain direction difference.


The planks I make black on the sides with shoe polish from a tube with sponge, (the sponge is attached to the tube). You get the best result if you sand the side just a bit as well, especially the short sides. The shoe polish is instantly sufficiently dry and does not get into the wood. The sanding does fill the space between the planks a bit which may seem to diminish the effect. However, after applying the oil they come out nicely again (not if you apply a lacker though! then the sand dust stays in there and makes the effort in vain.). Obviously for a bit more historically correct color you could use a dark brown polish... 

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I showed a picture before of a single musket, the rack is new. Next thing here will be a rack over the windows for dining plates. There will be an other bench on the aft side as well, eventually. I also finished the bed for the captain but it still needs sheets and a blanket.


the wiring for the candle runs through one of the legs, I drilled a 0.5 mm hole through a toothpick....




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