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Do You enjoy Rigging your ship?

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I enjoy it, I´m not very good at it but it is fun. 

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Despite the frustrations along the way; if I have a good belaying plan then I enjoy rigging the model as much as building her.





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If at first you do not suceed, try, and then try again!
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My favourite rigging line is the last one! 

I enjoy tying down the shrouds and now I have a system that works for me I'm happy doing the ratlines. Fixed rigging, no problem but when it comes to the running rigging I'm just plain clumsy and ham fisted - drives me mad at times. Plenty of coffee breaks while I try and compose myself and go back to it! On top of that I have the very bad habit of getting somewhat impatient because I'm close to finishing.

Next time I'll do better..... :rolleyes:

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When all else fails - read the instructions.


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ca.shipwright said it best - 'an hour of rigging is better than an hour of therapy'.  


I too enjoy rigging, and will do extensive research to make it as accurate as I can.  That includes the color of the various lines, chaffing considerations, size of the lines, tension (sag), and all the associated blocks, bullseyes, fairleads, deadeyes, and ironwork.  


After a few hours of rigging though, I find a good glass of liquid refreshment (ale, rum, bourban) straightens out the eyesight and loosens the muscles....


Keep building and above all, have fun~!                     Duff

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To answer the question, yes I enjoy rigging.  


As I mostly work on British vessels, I live by Lees Masting and Rigging for the details on everything from dimensional information to some fine drawings on blocks and other pieces.  For schooners, my second love, Chapelle's American Schooners book gives a lot of details on rigging these vessels.   David Antscherl's Volume IV of TFFM offers a lot of great information on rigging.  Peterson's Rigging Period Ship Model offers a lot of good information on rigging a late 18th century frigate.   With these there is no reason to fear masting and rigging due to putting the wrong line in the wrong place, or using the wrong size or belaying points, some or all of which may be reasons why so many don't like rigging.  



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David of Berwick

David of Berwick
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I am new to the hobby - being in only my second build (the Mary Byrne) - but during my first build I found the rigging part to be very enjoyable. However I also found it very frustrating whenever I list tension or couldn't get a knot tied. Yes, rigging is enjoyable - but so was the Gil work, the planking and the deck furniture....
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