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John Cudahy by steamschooner - FINISHED - 1/4" scale Steam Tug

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I know this is not a stick and string type build, but I enjoy building vessels of local interest. The John Cudahy was built in Ballard Washington in 1900 for the fisheries trade. In 1904 she was sold to a tug firm in Grays Harbor and was rebuild for tug work. Her duties included ship assist and log raft towing. She was sold several times during her stay on Grays Harbor and went thur several changes. She went to work on the Columbia River for a number of years before being sold again. Foss tug bought her and rebuild her completely. Added length, changed to diesel power and renamed her Henry Foss. She was lost in Alaska in 1952. The period I chose to model is sometime after her conversion in 1905 to about 1915.post-115-0-80193400-1363458502_thumb.jpg

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John, There is very little info on my built so alot of it is conjecture on my part. When I made my propeller for this model it did not matter to me if it was left or right. I am not trying to be historically correct as I don't have that kind of information available. Just my version on how it might of looked.

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I will be adding some detail that will be little seen. I am going to out fit the engineroom/boiler space with a assortment of gear. This is the beginings of my compound steam engine. Wood items are my master molds, the red items are a couple of finished molds with there master patterns removed. I use a vulcanizing rubber for my molds and use Cerro Cast the actual casting. Some molds will be flat cast where the casting material is just poured in. Other molds will be cast in a centrifugal. The wire on the master forms are for cast inplace venting holes which are needed when centrifugal casting.


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Well I got to spend sometime in the boat yard. I have got the engine room deck in place and am figuring out where the rest will go. When done there will be a boiler, the compound steam engine, feed pump. dynamo engine, Condenser tank, and two water pumps. Why I do not know since most of it will never be seen once the cabin is in place.


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Thanks everyone for the visits and the likes. One thing I enjoy about model building is turning things on the lathe. This is a shot of the dynamo that I turned for my project. I need to work on getting better pictures of all the small parts.Now where is that camera instruction booklet?`



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