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Captains Barge by Siggi52 - ca 1760 - 1:48 - small - Finished

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first I would start this project the next fall, but things come often in an other way as you expect.


During the building of the Dragon I often had a look at the model of the Victory from 1765. This model has such a beautiful barge on board, that I decided to build one when I'm ready with my Dragon. A plan was easily found and now I'm building.




This is a barge with 10 oars and I think it will by right for a captain of a 74 gunner. I will build this barge in the same way Druxey has build his Greenwich barge. I will not explain so much, because of my english and hope that the pictures explain enough.










Here I have painted the block white, so that I could see later better the pencil lines for the planking. The wood is Castello box wood. For the planks I have cut 0,5 and 0,8 mm strips.



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thank you all for your likes and comments. 


Druxey, I'm too looking forward and I hope that that what I will do, works. I never before build such a small boat and then in this technic   :huh: But with the help of you all, I think I will be successful. 

Till now I made some measurements for the planks and have waxed the block. Tomorrow I have to brew some stout for the men at the shipyard, but then I will really start working.  :unsure:

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Looks good. However, I've found that one can run into problems by planking from the sheer strake downward. Getting either the garboard in last, or a shutter strake at scale size, is very difficult. I recommend starting at the garboard and working upward.

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many thanks for your kind words and likes.


Yesterday I build the last strakes. For that I laid a pice paper between the plug and the boat. With a scalpel I scratch on it the contours of the strake and cut it afterwards. 








And here the strake is in place




This morning I carefully sanded the hull. It is not always perfect, but I'm satisfied with the result. The next thing would be to make the interior, to stiffen the hull. 






Working with these pins was really a great innovation and very useful. Thank you for that Johann.

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after a short break, because the weather was so fine here, the building goes on. Monday I painted the frieze and today I finished the rudder, except the tiller.


Here some of the hardware 












After all dried, I will start with the interior. I made all these things ready, because after the next step I could't use the plug to hold the boat in the vise. 

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many thanks for your comments and likes 


Yesterday I installed the frames and the captain came to inspect the work. 








Today I think I will build the floors but there is a small problem. At the plan are two bolts with rings in the Keel.




To get access of them, did they made there a door at the floor, ore is may be the plank in the middle removable? In the last case they have access to the whole keel, for cleaning, getting water out and so on. There are so far as I know no pillars under the thwarts. 



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today only a small update. The seat for the captain. 










Next come the inside planks. With the carvings over two planks, I really do not know how to manage that. At least I have to make the carvings after the planks are installed  :(


But that I left for the next week. 

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thank you all for your nice comments and likes. Here now the latest update, I finished the inboard planking with the carvings. Next would be the back of the captains seat.

I'm sorry, but I did't know all these special names. But I hope you could follow me  ;)







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