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SMS Scharnhorst by Borus279 - FINISHED - 1/100

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After finishing my S.M.S Emden

I decided to build for my next project the S.M.S Scharhorst scale 1/100

my decision is based on the interesting history of this ship and the in my eyes beautiful lines of her.

The hull is purchased from M.Z Modellbau, (so that one is not scratch) the rest of the model i will make from scratch and some purchased parts, so it will be a combination of both. Will build her in the same way  as how I build the Emden (administrators feel free to move this topic where you see need too)


so I already started with the model will post some pictures below from the beginning of the project and as where i am at the moment.  


Sorry for the disorder of my picture,'s 























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SMS Scharnhorst had a very interesting history, having the tables completely turned on her at the Falkland Islands only a little over a month after Coronel. I look forward to watching this come together.

Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
- Tuco

Current builds: Macchi C.200 Saetta

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I bought it already a longtime ago from Zinnecker Modellbau. don't think you can buy at MZ anymore, but you can send him a email to know for sure.

But you can also buy the same hull in the Ukraine by ml-modelships.





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Boris, I congratulate you on your wonderful choice. Scharnhorst is a very beautiful and complex ship. I really like him.

I think that Scharnhorst will turn out as successful as your Emden. :) 


Good selection of photographs by  sistership SMS Gneisenau   http://www.thefrankes.com/wp/?page_id=1596


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Thanks all for the thumbs up, appreciate it.


And the story continues

made all the doors and added some detail to the doors.

Also made the guider and protection for the anchor chain (sorry i do not know the real name)

made the support for the bridge and the ventilation duct.

And finished all the grabbing irons.


just a few more small things and she is ready to be spay painted.


below a few pictures



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Thanks for the thumbs up !

Spray painted the Hull in RAL 7000 and 7001 and spray painted the waterline.


Leave the paint to rest for a few days

In the meantime I will start to make the bulls eyes on my lathe.


Below a few pictures for the impression.


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Beautiful, clean, precise work, there, Boris.




"Just a moment - just a moment. I've just picked up a fault in the AE 35 Unit" - HAL 9000





Venetian merchant Ship from Basilica of San Marco: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/31034-the-san-marco-mosaic-ship-c-1150-by-louie-da-fly-175/


Solid- hulled couta boat - a gaff-rigged fishing boat once used for catching barracuda in the State of Victoria, Australia https://modelshipworld.com/topic/34969-australian-couta-boat-from-about-the-1920s/ - currently on the back burner till I get the Titanic done.


RMS Titanichttps://modelshipworld.com/topic/35422-rms-titanic-by-louie-da-fly-approx-1700-solid-waterline-model-my-first-commission/




HMVS Cerberus https://modelshipworld.com/topic/34681-hmvs-cerberus-1870-by-louie-da-fly-approx-1230-scale/


11th century Byzantine dromon http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10344-10th-11th-century-byzantine-dromon-by-louie-da-fly-150/page-1 


Winchelsea Nef - Late 13th century Mediaeval ship 1:75 https://modelshipworld.com/topic/29377-winchelsea-nef-1274-ad-175/


Henry Grace a Dieu - Rebuild of 1:200 model I started in 1967 http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/12426-henry-grace-a-dieu-great-harry-by-louie-da-fly-scale-1200-repaired-after-over-50-yrs-of-neglect/?hl=%2Bhenry+%2Bgrace+%2Bdieu . 

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The part marked on the picture is a torpedo tube

The scharnhorst was equipped with four 45 cm submerged torpedo tubes, One was mounted in the bow, one on each broadside and the fourth was placed in the stern.

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Finished all the portholes, doors and windows on the hull.

Also made the recess In the hull for the spare anchor.


Started with the bridge deck to make the linoleum floor with brass strips. 


Below a few pictures 












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