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  1. Beautiful craftsmanship! I love the way you explain the assembly and construction process. And your workshop has this "essence" of the old and traditional wood shops where masterpieces are being created. I will follow with a lot of interest as I love the subject, having started an Emma C Berry kit a long time ago (and never finishing it). Yves
  2. I am speechless..... !!! Insanely beautiful! Yves
  3. So, what is the mystery ship under the sheet? Yves
  4. So Reci, what is your next model.... ? Yves
  5. Lovely boat. I can smell the tide, the algae, the shell fish and that wonderful atmosphere of South Brittany. Well done. Yves
  6. Reci, Absolutely fantastic model of that legendary boat. Thank you so much for building it and posting your work on this forum. Yves
  7. This model is adorable. Not trying to hi-jack your thread, but here are a few pictures of Eric and his daughter Marie on board of Pen-Duick: Marie is doing a 4 years trip around the world on the mythical boat. She has the intensity of her father....to say the least. Yves
  8. Excellent summary of the benefits of CA adhesives. CA adhesives were primarily created for surgery applications, when sewing and sutures are not practical. Yves
  9. Michel ce modele est absolument fantastique. Digne du Musee de La Marine. Yves
  10. I truly enjoy watching these "Hybrid" models come up to life. Yves PS: Hybrid = Plastic/Wood
  11. Beautiful hull weathering. You can almost smell the old rusty iron, decaying slowly. You truly are an artist. Yves
  12. Great job. Eric Tabarly would have been proud of you, for folding these sails. Yves
  13. Yes, I will be following too. As a kid I still remember the excitement when I could buy the Renwall Kit of that incredible submarine, in France. It probably was in the late 60's or very early 70's. I spent quite a few weeks putting it together and the final result was very impressive: it was a big model. I still remember the little spring allowing one of the Ballistic Missile to be shot from a tube..... a gimmick, but very pleasant to a young teenager. That model actually triggered a passion for Submarines that did not leave me until a few years ago. I have collected lots of kits and books and was once a member of the Submarine Committee. Yves
  14. It is coming along nicely. Beautiful model. Yves
  15. So funny, you would be from Annecy. I grew up mostly in the Pyrennees but would spend time on the Mediterranean coast (I lived 7 years in Nice) and occasional trips to Brittanny. I went to Annecy a couple of times, to ski in the Alps. Yves

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