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Norske Love by Dan Vadas - Billing Boats - RESTORATION

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Hi all,


I undertook a project three ( :huh:  was it really?) years ago to finish off a model of Norske Lowe for the same guy who I finished off the Mississippi Riverboat a while ago. His father died before completing both models, so he asked if I could do it for his family as a keepsake.


The old guy was a fair to middling modeller, so I don't have a real lot of "Re-do's" on it, but there are some areas I'll tidy up a bit. There are several broken pieces, mostly masts, which I'll re-make.


Unfortunately, he had little idea of the sequence of rigging a model - the sharp (or even not-so sharp) eyed among you will relaize that there is virtually NO Standing Rigging, but most of the sails have already been fitted. This will be a bit of a nuisance.


Here are the BEFORE pics :


Norshe Lowe Before 001.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 002.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 005.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 006.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 007.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 003.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 004.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 008.jpg


Norshe Lowe Before 009.jpg


:cheers:  Danny


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All that rigging and gear on but no shrouds!? I never could have imagined THAT one. But now you could be off the hook, who could blame you for making up the shrouds-with the ratlines-off the model? Tie the shroud gang around the masthead as a single unit. Its not your fault!

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Welcome all :) .


Are you ging to replace those famous plastic blocks with better looking ones, or did you decide they fit in with the general appearance of the model?



Good question Jan. I'll leave the plastic ones as long as I can find the rest of them - they weren't in the kit box, I hope I've put them in another container  :huh:  . I'm on a limited budget with this model, and I REALLY DON'T feel like making them all from scratch for this one ;) .


Are you intending to redo all the rigging?



It'll probably be easier to rip it all off and start again Jeff. I'll use a better quality thread (but not Chuck's this time - I have quite a bit of leftover stuff from previous builds).


The first thing I've made is the stand. I need some way of supporting the ship, and I need to keep a building board as low as possible so I can actually fit the model on my workbench (see pic below).


I've used the kit-supplied stand, and screwed it to the keel :


Stand 001.jpg


Stand 002.jpg


Here's what I meant about keeping things as low as possible. The Foremast only JUST clears the ceiling of my caravan. The Mainmast won't fit at all, so I'm thinking of shortening all the masts until it does :


Stand 003.jpg


Stand 004.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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by no means would I consider this a lost cause or "folk art" 



Me either George :D .


What's story about the paint below the waist? It really is a rather bilious color.



Yeah, pretty yuck John :D . I guess he tried to match the color on the kit box - without much success ;) . It's supposed to be "White Stuff" which was used as anti-fouling in some periods. I'll re-paint it.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Danny! By the way, I think it's a good thing you're doing for the family's keepsake purposes, and by no means would I consider this a lost cause or "folk art" as has been previously suggested.   :dancetl6:


Cheers :cheers:


Hi Danny, I totally agree with what George said.  This will mean a lot to the family in the years to come.

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Thank you wyzwyk and Jack.


Danny the rough part about this model is either building as the original or upgrade and improve it, I do not envy you and wish you the best, I will watch avidly as you find all that is wrong and fix it, What plans Re you Goin to work with?
David B


David, as with the other Restorations I've done I'll try and make it look like it was completed by the original builder - something that's more difficult than it sounds, but it also gives me a lot of latitude as far as details are concerned ;) .


The original plans were still in the kit, for what they're worth. I'll be going with them.


:cheers:  Danny

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Quite an interesting project Danny.  Just cleaning up the layers of dirt appears that it will be quite a chore!


Seems strange that anyone could have progressed that far on the masting/rigging and not done any of the standing rigging.  People are strange.  :)


Good luck, I'm sure we'll learn a great deal from you as you do this!

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Thank you Brian and Steve.


Seems strange that anyone could have progressed that far on the masting/rigging and not done any of the standing rigging.  People are strange.



Yeah, I don't know what the story was there. I do know that it was the first Masted model he'd attempted, maybe he thought the ratlines were too hard to tie so he left the shrouds off as well? The Billings plans are about as good as any of theirs (not for the novice :D ) so they didn't help him much.


How will you finish it?



It's already been stained, so I'll tidy those areas up a bit and give it a coat or two of semi-gloss. Below the waterline will need a re-paint with a color closer to "normal" ;) .


:cheers:  Danny

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Hey Danny, I'll take a seat on the side line if that's ok. I think that's a noble project you've taken on there. I'm sure the family will be happy beyond words. I agree with George's comment, it's definitely not a lost cause. Can't wait to see the progression as I've not seen a restoration before. I hope to learn much from this.

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