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Tender AVOS by Peta_V - Master Korabel - scale 1/72 (exclusive kit)

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Thank you guys!! 

Some more additions. I have finished footropes for spreadsail yard. 


And start to adding ropes to the mast. Already There are backstays, 4 pairs of shrouds and spreadsail jackstay. I have also added the iron belts with eyes for blocks. Ropes are served in areas where interfere with mast. 



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On 6/10/2019 at 11:00 PM, Peta_V said:

Now it can be taken off the jig


Hi Peta,

Please can you or someone explain or preferably show how to remove this little boat from the jig.

Every build I have followed where one of these small Master Korabel boats are being built says exactly the same thing.

"Remove from jig", but nobody shows or explains how to do this.

I have built the MK0102 and almost destroyed my build trying to remove it from the jig.

I am about to build this one, and do not want to go through the same heart stopping procedure again.

Many thanks,


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@Galley Slave

As you can see the jig is covered with foil and hull is not glued to the jig. Only the tops of the frames are glued to the jig. Once the hull is planked the tops of the frames are cut (I used razor saw) and the hull can be removed. 



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Gentleman, to the sewing machines! My premiere with the sails (luckily the sails are pre-sawn in the kit with the Bolt rope in place and they are very nice). I just wanted bolt rope to correspond with other running rigging so I cut the original off and replaced it with my own rope. I also did not like the eyes on the original. I think I made it more real, I hope. 

Reef points: first row in place (I still need tu cut it to the lenght and shape it) but I have to say that I found something to be as annoying as ratlines! 🧐

I guess the only way to get it done is sit down and work! 2 more rows are waiting. 


On the right is sail with kit bolt rope and eyes. 


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Cutting the reef points. This is a method I come up with. 

1.I copied the sail template several times

2. I cut the shape of the "reef line" out of the paper. 

3. I insert the template between sail and reef ropes so I can see the lenght and direction 

4. I fix the reef ropes straight in correct direction with the tape. 

5. Cover the ropes with diluted PVA glue and let it dry

6. Cut the ropes with exacto knife according to the template


It is little bit time consuming but accurate. Works quite well! 


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Nice work! One sometimes sees models with reef points pointing every which-way; folks either forget or don't realize that lengths of rope have weight -- they will tend to hang vertically.

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Cleaning up continue........ 

Today I could put some serious time for the AVOS and I managed to finish:

Shrouds, jackstay and fore stay. As a next step I could tie everything up and clean the deck from the ends of ropes. (coils will be added later). I have also managed to take few pictures of details and whole model. 








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All the rigging of the main sail is in place so I could tighten it and clean the deck from the rope ends. 


And move to the next stage. I have attached all necessary ropes and blocks to the spreadsail yard 


And attached it to the jackstay 


It brings some volume to the ship! 


But first I will have to do all the rigging around centerline (mast and stays) as all the yards rigging is making access very dificult. 

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Adding some more tackles, hooks and blocks. 


And works on the sails. I have removed the boltrope and did some ironing. 


Now its time to attach the boltrope back using my own rope. After 2 and half hour with a needel........ I have the smallest one ready 💣


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@Mirabell61thanks a lot Nils!


Although I have studied the rigging plans of this kit for a long time, it still suprises me how detailed it is! And in 1/72 scale! 


So fore sail is prepared, I have attached all the ropes and blocks...... 


And start testing on the ship 


Foresail halyard


Foresail sheet attached to the horse


Foresail downhaul and tack 


There is really everything! 



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I have reached the stage that I do not like so there is not much to show. 

Before I can fix the position of the spreadsail yard I need to prepare 2 things. 

1. I need to do the top half of ratlines until I still can lower the yard. It will be lot more complicated with the yard fixed in position. (I hate doing ratlines!) 

2. I need to prepare topsail so I could secure all the rigging in the center of the deck by the mast (it would be also very dificult to get there once lower ratlines and "outside running rigging" is in place). And I'm also not a fan of this task :(


So the progress is very slow now. I have installed lower and upper Sheer battens and prepared few ratlines, that is all for now. 





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@yvesvidal thanks a lot Yves. I really appreciate your encouragement! And thanks also for all the likes guys! Ratlines will go slowly but I finish them. There are only few!


Unfortunately I found bigger issue. The topsail is sawn pretty asymetricaly. Here it is in Comparision with the template. 


And here is the diference once you put it on the topsail yard. 


As you can see it is quite huge and will do the mess on the spreadsail yard so I can't use it. 

I was thinking of doing my own sail but it will look different from others.

I guess I will try to contact MK. 


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Did you try matching up the sail to the plans at the clews and foot rather than the head? You might be able to get away with just reworking the head of this particular sail. Just a thought from the peanut gallery...... Good luck!

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@Katoom, thanks for the idea but unfortunately it won't work niether. All the angles are wrong and if I do that the stitches will not come straight up but even more to the side!


I already got answer from Master Korabel and they are sending new sail my way! Very profesional! 🎩👏

And big thank goes to @greenstone to arrange that! 


I'm So happy 🍻🍻👏

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This is yet another beautiful build of an unusual kit. I feel that I almost must stop looking at these blogs because my wish list is extending beyond my life expectancy. They are however addictive and things of wonder. I must learn to balance my reading with actual building . I'm already restricted by the bosun from using power tools in the middle of the night, and now she objects to the commuter screen in the early hours. 

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