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Bismarck by Kevin - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/200 - PLASTIC

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Good evening everyone


The kit is ordered, the Deluxe PE kits is not available in the UK at present, should be another couple of weeks

The Victory is safe and secure for a while, and will be finished

The Workroom has had a bit of a make over as well, i put a window in at the weekend, at last i have some natural light in there and a different carpet as the one i had, it was impossible to find anything when dropped onto it, 
















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hello everyone


This evening is being spent - checking it is all there

There is lots of it, all seam very well molded,


the bonus pack is a see through gun turret, which apparently makes a very nice stand alone kit, and leaves enough room for some super detailing

My intentions are not to run both builds together, just taking a break from the Victory, come Easter, depending where i am on the Bismarck i may swap over


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Ahoy Kevin :D


Beautiful kit. I was waiting for this one before I switched to wood. You know Eduard has a Big Ed for this




Will be living the dream through your build, :P


Good luck with her



good morning

I am aware that Big Ed do the PE kit but does not include the wooden deck, Where as the Mk 1 by KA does,

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to much candy kevin?? ;)  ;)

the problem is that Trumpeter Bismark has its problems, wrt to the portholes, to clear the manufacture mouldings the portholes on the angles areas of the hull and superstructure do not  point exactly in the right direction, they tend to point 90 dec to the fwd aft line, rather than the direction in which they are positioned,  this is made worse by the thickness of the plastic it's self, as Channell puts it, some are like wabbit burrows. 

i am not at present going down the drastic route of cutting them all out as i don't know any one who would notice, the build will never been seen in a show or away from my living room, and i don't believe you could see in a photograph, i also don't have the PE kit at present, may be another two weeks before i can get it, so i want to avoid building to much, only to enhance it later

next is i dont know how to spray paint, even though i have a compressor airbrush 

i may have left the woodies for a while, but a whole new set of skills to learn

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Ahoy Kevin :D


 i dont know how to spray paint, even though i have a compressor airbrush 



Airbrushing is a skill that requires some time to develop. The curve is pretty steep and unforgiving too. I would buy some cheap kits and get yourself to a point where you have some confidence before embarking on this beauty. I am no pro but would be happy to share with you what I know. I made a mess of a few models, the airbrush really makes it easy.

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my comment was not meant to be sharp.........with a kit this size......where do you start?  :)       I'm sure you have plenty of ideas,  and so much can be done to enhance the beauty of this fine kit.   I used to work with plastic,  so I know where your coming from.   when I started working with wooden ships,  I became good friends with the airbrush.  I had tried it earlier when I was younger,  but with smaller kits,  I wasn't too keen on the clean up and upkeep.   check out the Testor's EZ line of airbrushes.....not too much clean up and very easy to use:


Testors » Airbrushes » Airbrushes


I use the 'Amazing Air'  airbrush kit........costs around $30.00.  I adapted it to run it off my large compressor,  and I have been using it for around four years now.   it utilizes the 1/4 oz bottles that the Testors, Humbrol, Pactra {just to name a few} comes in........for clean empty bottles,  I just buy a bunch of the 1/4 oz bottles of thinners,  and I'm good to go.   I have two other airbrushes too.......a gravity feed w/ compressor,  and another siphon feed........haven't even tried them out yet........this crazy little unit hasn't failed me yet :)     just take it slow,  and do all you want to do.   experiment before you commit,  if you have to,  but be sure that the only person who is satisfied,  is you.    these big builds seem to be making a presence here.........this is so cool!

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