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  1. Thanks Michael and Augie ! Fortunately I only have to make 36 full cannons - the other 70+ are half/dummy cannons. I'm thinking that my next build will be weaponless!
  2. Thank-you Nenad, Ed, Wayne and Patrick! Thank-you for all the "likes" as well! It's good to be back in the shipyard.
  3. Thank-you everyone for all the comments! Well, an update is long overdue - I almost feel I should introduce myself again! I struggled in the summer with which route to take for my cannons. I tried making molds and casting with resin with only limited success. The summer flew by and winter appeared and casting became a problem due to mess and allergies, or at least some reaction to the fumes. Ideally working outside is the best option, but at -20 degrees Celsius, it's not an option! I had seen some paper cannons that Doris made and I thought I would give that a try. It would be easier if my scale was larger, but I don't find it too difficult. I know they are not perfect, but I am relatively pleased with the outcome and will continue with this process. I am currently experimenting with weathering the cannons, so the painted one is not necessarily what the finished product will look like.
  4. I have to agree with everyone - your Wasan is beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done!
  5. FANTASTIC jobs Sjors! You should be very proud of your accomplishment! I agree with everyone that your "fleet" looks terrific! Congratulations!
  6. Just found your new log. Looking forward to your updates! If it is anything like your Agamemnon then it will be beautiful!
  7. Two things I find consistent in your log: 1) Your work is always absolutely beautiful, precise and educational. 2) I am never disappointed when I stop by!
  8. Excellent work Mark! They say that the third time's the charm but I think, rather I know, you've got it the second time around!
  9. Wow! I'll add my congratulations as well. She is a beautiful model. You have done a wonderful job on her and have much to be proud of!
  10. I've just finished catching up on your log, and as usual your work never disappoints! Beautiful work!
  11. Re-do? What re-do? Looks like there was never a problem to begin with - looking very nice Frank!
  12. Just catching up - your "Fonz" is looking wonderful Sjors! The sails give her a majestic look.
  13. Just finally catching up on your log. WOW! Absolutely beautiful work and a stunning model! You have much to be proud of!
  14. Sjors, It's been a while since I checked on your progress. I stop by and what do I see? Lovely copper plates on the hull and then pffffffffffff, copper plates gone from the hull! And they say women are always wanting change! Seriously though, I thought the plates looked really good, but I also know that if your not completely satisfied with them, then you'll be glad later on that you changed it and made it better. Now.......pictures please Oh, and I'm trying to figure out how I can get one of those 9 day weeks off.
  15. Thank-you! Dave: By all means, do pull up a chair. I hope to be back in the shipyard again before too long. It's been a very hectic summer and no time for my San Felipe - I think I'm in withdrawal!!!
  16. I've been checking in once in a while and hitting the "like" button but I absolutely have to comment on this update - she looks wonderful! The paint really brings her to life.
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