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Cutter for HMS Vulture by Dan Vadas - Small - FINISHED

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Hi all,


I have started work on the Cutter for my model of HMS Vulture (link in my signature below for those who haven't seen her) and decided to make a separate Build Log of the project.


Some time ago I purchased the Timbering Set for this model from Admiralty Models. Timber in the set was cut by HobbyMill who are no longer in production, so I don't know if the Set is still available. EDIT - It's not.


The "kit" includes a resin plug to which the frames are temporarily fixed until the boat takes shape. There are NO plans or instructions included - this "kit" is even more in the way of Scratchbuilding than the ship itself is. Here's a pic of the "kit" :


Timbering Set 002.jpg


There are 5 packs of timber (not sure of the type) ranging in thickness from 0.031" to 0.1" for things like the Keel, Transom, Gunwale and Thwarts. There are also 2 packs of Holly - one is 0.031" x 0.031" for the Frames, the other is a sheet of 0.015" thick for the Planking. All the timber has been milled to HobbyMill's exacting standards and looks to be of excellent quality. There also seems to be a lot more timber than I'll need - probably enough to make TWO Cutters if I don't waste any :) .


:cheers:  Danny

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Welcome guys :) .


I remarked earlier on that there were no Instructions for making this boat.


Thanks go to David Antscherl who emailed me the complete set :) . He'd pulled the Instructions from the Admiralty Models site when the Timbering set was no longer available.


I don't know how I'd have got on without them - there are 19 pages of beautifully written instructions, complete with pics and plans. I expected nothing less :D .


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Russell.


First job is to get the Plug ready. This comes in 3 pieces, two hull halves and a removable piece in the middle to enable it to be removed from the framing later on. I drilled two 1.2mm holes through all three pieces whilst holding the whole thing together in the vise. Then I inserted two lengths of brass wire to keep everything in line :


Plug 001.jpg


Plug 002.jpg


I gave the plug a light sand to remove any lumps and bumps. Due no doubt to some limitations in the casting process the grooves for the frames weren't perfect, so I used a narrow chisel blade to scrape them out :


Plug 003.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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I started the cutter, and get back to it when ever I come to a stopping point on the Echo Section.  It's small, so when I'm in the mountains I can take it with me.  Not power tools necessary.   I'm sure you'll have yours completed by the time I turn around.  That will help me a great deal when it comes time to get the frames in.


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Thanks for dropping by Greg, Popeye, Christian, Toni and Maury.


the plug alone looks like it would be quite handy.   is there any places where they might be available?



Perhaps Admiralty Models may still have some?


Do you also build the other boats?



I might build a 2nd Cutter for the fun of it as a separate model, but I'm only going to fit one onto Vulture.


As I recall, there was a problem with the top height of the plug.



Anything more specific about the problem Toni? I'd like to know before going much further, as I'm about to put the backbone into the plug.


:cheers:  Danny

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The Keel assembly consists of 6 parts - the Keel itself, the Stem, the Apron, the Sternpost, the Sternpost Knee and the Transom.


A rabbet is cut in the length of the keel. I used an Xacto knife and a straight-edge to cut this. The Xacto was also used to cut the rabbets into the stem. I managed to cut both of them without actually breaking either off-cut (just to see if I could :D ) :


Keel 002.jpg


The Apron is 2" scale inches wider than the stem. This was cut with the scroll saw :


Keel 004.jpg


The Sternpost is also rabbeted, and the cutout for the rudder pintle and strap have been cut in :


Keel 006.jpg


The keel assembly :


Keel 007.jpg


After some minor cleaning up the Transom is glued on :


Keel 009.jpg


I found a problem with the length of the plug and the plans - the plug is 5mm too long! I had to adjust the length of the keel to suit. This is now a 18'9" cutter instead of 18' :) .


:cheers:  Danny

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The resin plug issues are pretty typical for most resin cast kits. The molds are soft and rubbery, so the dimensions can vary by small fractions. Every rolling stock kit I've ever worked on had a lot of cleanup, truing and squaring. Check against accurate plans, said the novice to the masters. :o:)

Request permission to watch one of the masters. :D

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Thank you for commenting Greg (yep, 1:48 scale), George, Jan, Maury, Toni, Druxey and Ken.


You're doing a very good job on your Cutter Maury. I have your Build Log open as I'm working on mine - you've already saved me a couple of times :D . Yes, my plug has the planking marks. Instead of marking the other side I'm cutting two planks at a time - the 2nd should follow the line of the 1st.


Druxey - my plug was a whole 5mm longer than the plans - I had to modify my keel to suit as I didn't want to muck up the lines.


Ken - permission granted :D .


:cheers:  Danny

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As suggested in the instructions I've planked the hull of the cutter without the ribs - they'll go in later as most of them would come off the planking when the hull is removed from the plug. This pic was taken with a couple of runs left to do. I'm using Tamiya masking tape to hold the planks in position while they dry :


Planking 001.jpg


The cutter removed from the plug. It came out very easily :) :


Planking 002.jpg


Some pics of the outside. The planks need a "rolling" bevel both fore and aft to fit to the stem and transom :


Planking 003.jpg


Planking 004.jpg


Planking 005.jpg


Planking 006.jpg


There was very little excess glue inside the hull. These pics were taken before I started any cleanup :


Planking 007.jpg


You can see a couple of wedges in the bow which I inserted to ensure a tight fit to the plug. Isopropyl alcohol made removal of them easy :


Planking 008.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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