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AVOS 1806 Tender by greenstone - Master Korabel - 1/72 - TEST

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Good afternoon, colleagues!

I bring to your attention the test  assembly of the new woodenkit from "MasterKorabel"
Scale 1/72
The tender "AVOS" (in russian тендер "Авось") is the first ship of the Russian-American Company that was built in Alaska in Novo-Arkhangelsk in 1806 (now is Sitka, USA)
The total length of the model is 42 centimeters
8 guns - 3 pound.



Archival drawings of the tender "Avos" not preserved, unfortunately.

But the Russian tenders are very similar to the English tenders. Russian shipbuilders used the English school.
Therefore, designers "MasterKorabel" took as a basis one of the drawings from National Maritime Museum (Greenwich).
In the basis - is Arrow (1823), a 10-gun single-masted Cutter, as designed and built by Captain Hayes.




Tender "AVOS" was smaller in size than the "prototype".

This drawing has undergone a change in length and width to match the basic dimensions of the tender "AVOS".

As a result, the basis for a new theory and new circuits of hull.

In short, this is a complete reconstruction of designers "MasterKorabel".



So, here are the first photos













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All Russian tenders, like the brig, like the schooners in Russia, had a typical design of a stern and transom.
Here is a drawing from the archival Russian book of the 18th century on shipbuildin (Russian translation of the book by John Fincham - Финчам - Краткое изложение о практическом кораблестроении - 1841), which took as a basis for the tender "Avos"
Figure 10


And this description from the book, as it is arranged




Here is the second russian author Okunev on shipbuilding (1836 year), where this construction and design of a stern and transomis mentioned
Here is a detailed description of the construction. As planks go upright, what should be the locks and other





The designers also used models from the museum in Greenwich, where individual elements were taken
for example


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Master Korabel has designed a wonderful Kit Eugene.  I am very fond of the cutter design as many of you already know.  I love the hull shape. You guys have done an outstanding job making a unique and beautiful kit for folks to build. Planking looks great and so do the deck fittings and deck arrangements.  I look forward to seeing many Avos kits built and its great to have you guys on ModelShipWorld.  Good luck with it. Well Done.



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Hello Eugene


I also greatly appreciated seeing your work on the Avos. Just like Chucks Cheerful it is a welcome addition to the small vessels of the 18th and early 19th century. I am certain that it will be a very popular kit in your ship line up. I hope you continue with your excellent kits by providing the world with high standard subjects to choose from when deciding to build a ship model.



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30 minutes ago, Seventynet said:

Beautiful work Eugene. What kinds of wood did you use and when will it be available?


Best Regards,



Hello, Ian


This is the base version of the kit.

Veneer of anegri and details from a pear.

А mast  -  birch

And the best version of the kit  will be all from a pear.

Edited by greenstone
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This looks like a great kit.

I am currently building the MK Phoenix (plus) and finding it a superb quality kit for a great price.

It looks like the Avos will share many of the same strengths.

Thanks for the historical info about the design of the model, and its relationship to the english cutter Arrow. That's really helpful.



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 What a wonderful ship. very nice lines to the hull. you have made a excellent presentation of this kit.


 какой чудесный корабль. очень хорошие линии к корпусу. вы сделали отличную презентацию этого набора.


This has made me very interested in Master Korabel as a kit manufacturer just amazing the quality of this kit compared with other European manufacturers

Это заставило меня очень заинтересовать Master Korabel как производителя набора, просто удивительного качества этого набора по сравнению с другими европейскими производителями


Regards Antony.


С уважением Antony.

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I purchased the Cannon Jolle just to get a feel for your kits. What a wonderful little model. Precise laser cuts. My only issue is getting the metal parts cut off the tree. They laser cuts are so small and precise I can’t get my parts nipper in the slot. Love the precut planking. The plans call for masts as part Z3 but there isn’t any Z3 in the box. I will be purchasing the Phoenix and the tender. Does Model Expo carry the plus models?  Where can I get pre made sails.

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