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Ab Hoving

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My name is Ab Hoving and I live in  Holland. Model shipbuilding has been my hobby all of my life and in 1989 I left my job as an art teacher in Groningen, up north, behind to become head of the restoration department Navy models of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum holds a beautiful collection of ship models and parts, collected by the Navy and the Admiralties, dating back to 1640. I retired in 2012, much to my regret. It was a wonderful time, working on the most exquisite models man has made in the past.

If in many cases during my professional life I built ship models, my only aim was to investigate building methods, constructions or for instance the usefulness of 17th and 18th century building contracts. The model was never the end product, it was all about the knowledge. Modelbuilding was a method of research for me in those days.

Nowadays I build ship models purely for fun. I am not a very good model builder. I always am impressed to see what other people are capable of, with no other purpose than the fun of building. I am sloppy and sometimes too hasty, but I always aim for a realistic look nowadays. Later on I will show you what I mean. 

To make it easier for myself I use paper as the basic material now. Paper is wonderful versatile and easy to shape material and it takes very little tools to work with. Although I used to make many paper kits of planes and vehicles in my spare time, I never used paper for ship models. It was the papermodelers.com site where I was inspired to build paper ships. The papermodelerssite  is a wonderful medium for model builders, but not entirely dedicated to ship modeling. Planes, vehicles, space ships and figurines all show up there. I recommend it to you all to take a look. But probably this forum, specialized in ships and boats, is a better platform to show my efforts and to learn from you all.

In the nearby future I will try to post some recent work. Hope you will like it.



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Well, welcome aboard, Ab! Glad you could join us. It's great to be able to communicate with you: I wanted to say how impressed I was with the Rijkmuseum when I visited last year. The holographic animation of the half-hull model was superb! Hopefully it will inspire younger visitors to look more closely at the other models on display.

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We are honored and fortunate to have access to someone with vast knowledge of and experience with 17th and 18th century Dutch shipbuilding. Your efforts to increase the exposure to this subject and make it much more accessible to ship modellers thru books and journal articles is greatly appreciated .  I hope your tenure here is rewarding.

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Well, thank you all for your warm words. I never expected this. I hope I won't disappoint you.


Druxey: Yes I know the Wasa. If you don't visit her you miss the 8th wonder of the world.

Kurtvd19: Lets not overdo it. It's just a model 🙂

Hans Peters: Glad you liked the book. For the time being I have no plans for new publications, but you never can tell...

How to make a paper model?

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Good mroning Ab from Trinidad. Its wonderful that you have joined us. I have both your books and enjoy reading them. This group of  special people are fantastic and will appreciate your contribution As we go forward. I am still collecting data on the Tobago 1677 ships but way short of sufficient information that will result in my building a model of one of these ships. 


kevin Kenny

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You have dwelt where very few have had an opportunity to witness and study the masters of their time. They were an inspiration to all, past and present. I suspect "living" within in this realm you may calibrate your work against theirs. It is hard not to do. Also when it is a work project one cannot always take the time you would otherwise invest if it were your own.


Within this forum there are modern day masters that we all, at times, compare ourselves to. For myself I have been inspired by and learned from them. 


Welcome to MSW.



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Hello Ab,

nowedays I am more to find on the Modelbouwer.nl Ithink I have all your books and I enyou then all.

Build the Haring bus and now building the catschip.

I'll find the drawing fine to work with, however its a leak thy are not on CD as the other modells.

Thanks for giving us this peasure to build these models

Greatings Cees

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On 10/19/2018 at 3:41 AM, Ab Hoving said:

Let me show you one of the photoshop paintings my son makes from my paper models. This is the Battle of the Sound (1658), when Dutch ships fought the Swedes over the entrance to the Baltics.

    That is a truly spectacular illustration!  :imNotWorthy:  It looks like someone in a time machine went back in time with some advanced photo equipment and took the picture at just the right moment as a witness to the actual battle.  An illustration like this can really bring history to life.  :cheers:

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Again: thanks to all of you for your warm words. Also on behalf of my son, who is a professional graphic designer. We have a lot of fun working together.


I have been thinking what I can do to show this forum some of my work. I worked my way through the reports of the scratch build models section (I am not too happy with kits) and I spotted a few Dutch related items, for instance about the iconic ship type the 'fluit'. None of those threads ended up in a finished product so far. I will show you here some of my paper fluitmodels and the photoshop paintings my son made of them and perhaps we can together decide what to do. As a possibility I could show my techniques of building in paper, making a small historic Dutch ship, like for instance a fish-hooker.


I don't know (yet) how to spread pictures between the various captions with text, so this is a bit improvisation.

The first model is a whaling fluit I built after data from the Amsterdam lord mayor Nicolaes Witsen's book from 1671, together with the 'paintings' my son made from it.


The second is made after 4 hours of footage made by a sub on a depth of 120 meters in the Baltic Sea. It is known as the 'ghost ship' as a result of the fact that the knight heads on deck are carved like men's heads looking up in a sort of sinister way...


Let me know what you like and we can plan a new thread.




1. Pinas_en_fluit kopie.jpg

2a. walvisvaart Verbeterd kopie.jpg



3. Fluit in storm kopie.jpg

10. Fluit_mooi_weer_kopie.jpg

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Good afternoon Ab,


I recognize the pictures made by you son from the NVM, as a inhabitant of the city Hoorn (NL) these pictures has an extra significance for me.

This because of the link between Hoorn and the development of the shiptype "Fluit".


Thanks or sharing, they are a real piece of art.


Best regards,


Hans Peters



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