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A novice at age 70.


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Hello all, what a wonderful site. As a bit of introduction I just completed the Model Shipways New Bedford Whaleboat. I started building this while undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy that caused the loss of feeling in my hands. I thought it would be good therapy and it did seem to help. I worked on it when I felt able and found it relaxing and fun as I was essentially on home confinement for many months. Due to my neuropathy and inability to feel the small parts I made extensive use of hemostats, forceps and tweezers. I am included a few photos and any comments, suggestions or criticisms would be welcomed! John












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Beautiful job! I hope your chemo turned out as well as your model!


Just one suggestion: build or buy a nice display case for it. That will preserve what is truly a work of art for generations to come. Without a case, well, there's dust, curious grandkids, the cat... the list goes on and on. :D


Any ideas for your next build?


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Gidday John and another warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

For a first build she is impressive

I really am impressed by your attention to detail.

You have found a site with plenty of knowledge and expertise.

I wish you all the best with your health and your future endeavours.


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John. I can only echo what everyone else is saying. That is most impressive for a first build. Heck. That's impressive for a third, fourth or fifth build !! So what's next ... a full scratch build of Sovereign of the Seas ?? :D 

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Super work on that whaleboat John.  I love your miniature accessories, esp. the little compass swinging on its gymbals, and the two nicely-matched knives.  Welcome to the MSW madhouse, from a member in Wales, UK who was a novice at age 76  (and at 82 still is a novice, really, I suppose …)

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