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HMS Vulture 1776 by Dan Vadas - 1:48 scale - 16 gun "Swan" class sloop from TFFM plans - Finished

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Bad move, Danny - you should certainly have photographed Pud before removing him from the hold! :)




That was the LAST thing on my mind at the time John :D .


would it be too forward of me to ask how these wonderful stills are captured?



Thanks JP. Wonderful?? I don't know about that - there are usually half a dozen rejects before I get one that looks half-good. Hand held Canon digital camera, with auto-focus and macro zoom (not SLR).


:cheers:  Danny

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G'day Danny,

Glad the ships ok with minimal damage. I assume that Ziggy was the reason the light cover to came down. It could have been a CATastrophic to you and all of your loyal readers.

QUESTION? What would you do if Ziggy's leg was trapped in the ship and the only way to free him was to break the ship or cut off his arm? I know what I would do! I change his name to Tripod!

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Gibbs {our American Eskimo} is my lil' buddy {should have named him Gilligan}  :rolleyes:   he hangs around me as well,  even choosing to lay under my desk while I'm at the computer.  I gotten to the point where I have to look before I move my feet!   feel bad when I don't  :(


you've got amazing luck Danny ;)

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Thanks for the replies guys :) .


Main Stay Tackles


These are used when loading into the hold, and also for launching the cutter. There is one above each hatch. The lines will tighten later when the hooks are attached to the cutter :


Main Stay Tackles (1).jpg


They consist of a double and a single block on each. The lower single block has a thimble and eye seized into it. A large hook goes through the thimble :


Main Stay Tackles (4).jpg


Main Stay Tackles (5).jpg


Main Stay Tackles.jpg


The standing end of the pendant lashed to the stay :


Main Stay Tackles (2).jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Mine is just one voice adding to a chorus of praise.


I don't know if you ever saw the film "As Good as it Gets" but in a key moment Jack Nicholson tells Helen Hunt that she makes him want to be a better man.


You make me want to be a better modeler! As they say, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp". You make me want to be a better modeler. I don't know if I can ever reach your level of accomplishment, but I will try and I will always owe you that.




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Thanks for the comments once again George, Robin, Mark, Greg, David, Russell, Maury, H, Jihn, Mark and Carl :) .


Robin, I don't have any more pics other than what I have in this build log - sorry.


Topsail Yard Tyes


Before going into the construction of the Topsail Yard Tyes a warning to others building from TFFM - there is an error in their rigging, pointed out to me by none other than the author David Antscherl. Unfortunately this error was pointed out just as I had completed them :( . No biggie, I just pulled the whole lot apart and re-did them. At least this gave me an extra couple of days working on the model :D .


TFFM has you rigging the topsail tyes in similar fashion to the lower yards, whereas they use a DOUBLE block on the yard. The standing end of the Tye, one each side, circles the topmast and lashes back to itself via an eye. It then goes through one of the sheaves in the double block on the yard, up to the tye block under the top, and down to a double block for the tackle. The other side does the same.


The tye block has two buntline blocks lashed to it's top :


Topsail Yard Tyes 007.jpg


Topsail Yard Tyes 023.jpg


An overall view of the tye rigging :


Topsail Yard Tyes 018.jpg


Topsail Yard Tyes 019.jpg


The blocks under the top :


Topsail Yard Tyes 010.jpg


The double blocks on the ends of the tye falls :


Topsail Yard Tyes 024.jpg


The lower end of the tackle has a single block on a pendant which hooks into a ringbolt in the channels on either side. The fall of the tackle belays to a convenient timberhead. This is the main topsail tackle :


Topsail Yard Tyes 012.jpg


Topsail Yard Tyes 014.jpg


And the fore one :


Topsail Yard Tyes 025.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks again for the kind comments George, Grant, Allan, Pat, Greg, Kees and Alex :) .




The Parrels act as bearings to enable the yard to be raised and lowered more easily.


Construction of these starts by PVA gluing together the Ribs in two stacks. This way they can be very accurately drilled and shaped symmetrically. The ones on the right have been finished :


Parrels 001.jpg


Once shaped Isopropyl Alcohol is used to separate the individual pieces :


Parrels 003.jpg


The Trucks are turned on the lathe. They are more barrel shaped than round :


Parrels 002.jpg


Next an eye is "spliced" into one end of two lines, and the ribs and trucks are fed onto them :


Parrels 005.jpg


The two eyes are lashed together around the port side of the yard. The trickiest part of the operation is lashing the lines around the mast. They go over the parrels 3 times and tie around each other. Lots of care needed not to damage anything, like breaking off yards etc   :huh:  :


Parrels 006.jpg


Parrels 008.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Glad to be of help Tony :) .


Topsail Yard Lifts


As with the lower yard lifts these are used to square the yard. They attach a little differently to the lower ones.


Topsail Yard Lifts 001.jpg


A Span fitted with a thimble at each end is clove-hitched around the topmast cap :


Topsail Yard Lifts 002.jpg


The thimbles at the ends of the span are lashed to thimbles in the standing ends of the lifts :


Topsail Yard Lifts 004.jpg


Then the lifts go through the lift blocks on the ends of the yard, up through the lower sheaves of the sister blocks lashed to the shrouds, and belay to the aftmost cleats on the lower part of the shrouds :


Topsail Yard Lifts 006.jpg


Topsail Yard Lifts 009.jpg


Topsail Yard Lifts 007.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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