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  1. Hi Alex; Now that is a very clever idea about the angled pin part - thank you for sharing. cheers Pat
  2. And the lady shows her lines Great to see these pics again Gary; thanks for taking the time to repost them. cheers Pat
  3. Chuck thank you for posting the tutoprial/presentation; that is an excellent summary and "how-to" for this difficult task. Much appreciated Pat
  4. Take your time with the reposting Ed; although I can understand your need to finish and progress. It has been very beneficial rereading your posts on this second iteration, as there is so much useful information that I have missed or forgotten from the first time around. Many thanks for perservering with this. cheers Pat
  5. Just luck of the draw I suppose but the standard flexible vacuum hose (shopvac machines) fits neatly into the ID of the Byrnes machine here (no adaptors needed). Whereas we pay (very high) transport costs to get Jim's machines here, I suppose this is a small off-set saving - the eternal optimist... cheers Pat
  6. No matter what your profession Karl, that is some seriously good and expertly finshed detailing. The furniture itself would make some very good models in their own right. IMPRESSIVE! cheers Pat
  7. Almost there Popeye - the paint job is very 'neat'! WRT the Aztec airbrush, does it take the interchangable tips/nozzles? if so, there is one for doing fine lines (can't remember the colour code for it off the top of my head - sorry) cheers Pat
  8. Mark, in addition to your comments, I think most examples highlighted are the owner's own photograph of the box /graphic etc rather than a direct lift of a graphic; which is then the copyright? We are also non-profit so there is no commercial gain .... I am no lawyer but I think these companies would see this as a cheap way of advertising? cheers Pat
  9. Hi Sarah, if you are interested in this type of software also check out this lot: http://zerenesystems.com/cms/stacker (no connection - just impressed with it ) cheers Pat
  10. Thanks for looking in Dave, and well spotted. Nope I have erred and only realised it too late. This is my first major build (and these masts are from scrtatch) and I have a lot to learn yet I have ben telling myself that this is ok, but one of these days soon I will get the urge to remake them as while everything else is OK, the alignment of the sheaves in my masts is incorrect. cheers Pat
  11. Don't under-estimate what you are doing mate; very nice work and a very interesting log. cheers Pat
  12. Even better viewing the second time around - very impressive workanship Karl. I look forward to your further installments. cheers Pat
  13. Thanks John, appreciate the offer. I would be most interested in the deatils of the fitting on each of the lower masts, and the quarterdeck bulwarks (inner details) especially cleats and the like. The AOTS and the replica are similar in many respects, but the replica appears to make use of many more cleats on the masts and bulwarks (in lieu of belaying pins for the latter). For example, the AOTS does not show as many cleats on the lower main mast as is evidident in a phopto of the replica I have from a few years back. It is the only photo of that sort of detail I have, so your offer would be greatly appreciated. cheers Pat
  14. Great to see her again Rusty; a very nice build. This will make a very beautful display model. cheers Pat
  15. Thanks John, nearly missed the 'double intende' - can only go upwards now Biggest issue I am having at the moment is determining what fittings/furniture to attach to the lower masts - the AOTS, kit plans and replica differ so much cheers Pat
  16. .........and it will only cost you a very small fee Brian - you know, knock with your elbows cheers Pat
  17. Dida, I have been 7+ years on my Endeavour and only just starting the masts - but then I am abnormal (or so the Admiral keeps telling me ) - Sorry Dr Per I will vacate your consulting room immediately and leave a suitable donation in the poor box - sorry for the intrusion! cheers Pat
  18. Very nice 'man cave' Kevin; you'll have more room than you know what to do with before you know it (could always buy more tools ) cheers Pat
  19. Derek, great to see the coldies are well catered for; but, I really do hope that is not Fosters in the fridge? We export that stuff for a very good reason mate cheers Pat
  20. Thanks Chuck, will have to look into that. Sorry to trouble you with a further question, but could you please explain the mixture and method of dying you use (if it's not giving away a trade secret ). Do you use it straight out of the can, dilute it etc to ensure the tack-free uniform finish; and do you simply soak it in the solution and let it hang to dry. This is a great finish and I would really like to try and replicate it if I can find it, or something of the same type over here. cheers Pat
  21. Here you go Jim, a first up photo of LH vs RH rope made on your machine. The LH laid rope is shown on the right. Ther RH laid is formed from RH stock as I have not made up sufficient small stuff yet - just seeing if I could short-cut the process; but, it looks like I have to make up the smaller stock in LH first. I need to get a macro lens for this type of photo I think - this photo is taken at short notice and really does not 'cut the mustard' so to speak - sorry for the poor quality. Only a bit of each scale rope is in focus, but it shows the uneven lay of the strands in the RH laid rope (to the left) within the circled area. cheers Pat
  22. Hi again folks, another small update. I have started to dry assemble the mast components to check for fit, alignment etc. The following photo shows the start of the Fore Mast. Thanks for looking in Dave and for your most kind comments - still learning quite a bit as I progress
  23. When you say General finishes Chuck, is that the brand name? cheers Pat
  24. Nice use of your limited space Garward. Is that a barrell (of Rum) I see tucked away under those plants (bonsai?)? cheers Pat
  25. That is some very nice needlework Caroline; I had to look twice to see if it was the actual print or your work! cheers Pat

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