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Sea Harrier FRS.1 by Old Collingwood - FINISHED - Kinetic - 1/48

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Hi all,   I have put my two spits  on hold for a bit  - time to change subject matter and come forward in time a bit,   I have always had a love affair with the Harrier  after seeing my first one when I was seven at an airshow with my  dad, I was in aw  of them  and the noise they made  when lifting off  verticaly  (amazing)   another one of my loves is the Navy   (blame my late farther)   I tried to join the navy just before the Falklands War  but never made it, and when the Falklands kicked off I was watching almost every movement by the  Sea Harriers  in action on the Tv.


I have built several of them mainly in 1/72 scale  including the Esci  and  Airfix versions  - but I always wanted to do a 1/48  kit  -  so when the Tamiya  version came out I snapped one up  - but that kit was famous (for all the wrong reasons)   totally the wrong shape  and poor  details  but I still built  a couple of them.


This brings me to the current day  some time a go  I was  checking out what Ebay was doing  and spotted this on bids  - yep  patience and I won it  got it for a great price   with the kit was some nice extras.


So without further a do  - the box/contents pics  - 









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The build sequence  starts with the bang seat  - normal Martin Baker affair, its built straight out of the box  and has lots of detail,  after assembly of the main seat frame  (the seat cusion assembly is sepaerate)   I then did a bit of dry brushing for high lights using flat alum paint.







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1 hour ago, lmagna said:

You guys are getting so many builds that I am having to make up a schedule book just to organize my time to see them all.


Looking interesting OC

I've had to do the same, since I'm back at work I'm only looking in in the evening.

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15 minutes ago, Jack12477 said:

Ok, I guess the west coast and the Brits beat me to the show but I'm here too.   Getting to be too many to keep track of like Lou said.  

Welcome Jack,    we are awaiting  the  goodies  delivery  - Mark should be here soon, watch out for Lou  though, he does love his popcorn.



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10 minutes ago, Canute said:

Cool jet, OC. I'm in, too. And your MB seat looks good. It's almost too new, you need to ding it up a tad more with the alu,👍

Thanks Ken,   yep I will do that,    I was going to put the white/yellow bands on the jet handle  - but even under my magnifier  - "no chance"



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