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HMS Agamemnon by mobbsie - FINISHED - Caldercraft / Jotika - 1/64

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Hi Guys,


Here goes, as a newbie I dont have a clue as to what I'm doing so please bear with me !!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont intend to rewrite the entire log and I dont have it saved so if anybody has any questions please dont be afraid to ask.


Aggy arrived on the 16th January this year so I have been working on her for about a month now, progress has been steady but a little on the slow side compared to my usual build rate.


The kit I find is very good in that everything fits as it should do if a little tight, theres a lot of sanding and rubbing down which is better than having a sloppy fit.


The main problems I have had with her so far is a warped and twisted keel, These were resolved by putting a length of dowel down each side and glueing into position, this took out the warp, for the twist, that was taken care of when the lower gun deck was fitted so all in all I'm quite happy with the way that went.


I have so far planked the lower gundeck beneath the companionway and hatches so that I dont see a bare deck, the upper gundeck has been planked useing 4 inch planks, a mistake I made here was to split the deck in two and plank seperately, I didnt put a master plank down the centre. The only thing in my favour is that there is very little seen of the upper gundeck so I think I will get away with that.


The Top deck and Poop deck have been pinned on but as yet are not planked.


I am in the middle of the first planking and am about half way, I am useing pushpins as opposed to 0.5mm pins to hold the planks in place so there is a lot of drilling, mind you there would still be the same amount of drilling if I used pins. I have now got to wait for the shops to open on Monday so that I can buy some more 1mm drill bits cos I busted the ones I did have, I tried 1.2mm but the hole is too big and the pins arn't gripped tight enough.


Another problem useing that amount of pushpins is that your thumb hurts like hell, I'm gonna have to make some kind of padding.


OK I'm gonna post some pics.



post-493-0-45009900-1361100804_thumb.jpgI have placed Cant Frames in the stem as I was going to have trouble with the planking in that area, hopefully this will sort that out.




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    So what you new, we were all new at one time or another. Glad to see you up and posting again. This is a ship I have always look at, it was Nelsons favorite ship. If you start having problems just ask and post a picture and someone here will be more than happy to help. Keep the post and pictures coming.

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Hello Mobbsie,


I'm happy that you find the way back.

If you like you can change the theme to old school MSW.

On the bottom of the screen you can find an option there on the left that say Change theme.

Maybe it helps a little.

The first plaking looks good.

Keep on posting and I'll enjoy!



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Hello Mobbsie,


Aggy is back and so are you.  And you know what, we oldies are all newbies again here, starting from scratch.


Glad to have you back my friend  :)


Smooth sailing through 'our' new site and happy modeling.


Take care,



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Hi Mobbsie


I’m very glad, my friend, that you managed the tricky navigation trough the web and are again amongst us, fresher and newer than before.


Keep up the good work on Agamemnon.  This is a ship I would like to build as well.






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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the welcome and your kind words.


I dont have much to show at the moment, progress has been a bit slow, still working on the first planking, only another 35 planks to fit, it makes me realise just how small my other builds have been.


Someone once said on the forum that we all look back on our first builds with a more critical eye when we gain in experience, how true that is. I have been looking at my Brig Badger and boy can I see what mistakes there are, almost to the point where I am seriously considering re-doing parts of her, mainly the Main Mast which is a bit bent forward, still thats for the future.


I started to cut out the gunports on the starboard side but called a halt due to the wood (Lime) starting to split, the reason is because I should have finished the planking first, given it a coat of diluted PVA and left it to dry. One thing I did learn is to pack the sides to stop any movement, lessen learnt.


I will be working to complete the 1st planking, cutting the portside gunports and lining them, so that will be my next set of pics which hopefully not be too long.


So, sorry I dont have any pics at the moment but rest assured I will be working towards it.



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Hi Guys,


Thanks for your patience and understanding, I am getting there but it is taking longer than I would have hoped.


I have about 10 - 11 planks each side to finish but unfortuately I've had to take time out in order to do some winter repairs, like build and fit two new garden gates.


Nose will be back to the grindstone on Wednesday after shopping,( more domesticity or am I just the modern man ).


Hope to have some pics very soon, gotta try to keep Sjors quite, if thats possible.



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