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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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Very nice gold painting! I'm wondering, did you sand it to get the excess paint off, or some thing else? Thanks!


I scraped it with an exacto blade, not sand it. I tried initially to wipe it with a cloth but it didn't worked so well. The sanding also didn't worked as the dust would fill the holes where the paint was.The scrapping did the trick.



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Hi Alexandru,


     While I've never been a big fan of HMS Victory models I can't help but follow your work on this one.  It's over-the-top nice,,,,, just gorgeous!  When you are finished with it I hope it ends up in a place where it can be viewed by lots of people.  Anything less would be a crime.  You are quite the craftsman, a true artist.  Thanks for sharing with us.



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Your ship is sooo beautiful. Everytime I visit your new postings, I tell myself that I can't possibly be once again in awe of your work. But yes every visit has new  magic for the eyes and the senses.


Tom is right this work NEEDS to be seen by many - It deserves to be. And NOT against a wall. A "walk around" is a must. Brilliant indeed.


In fact, in my humble opinion, it should be on display aboard the HMS Victory, to give the millions who visit her an incredible miniature view of the actual build plank by plank



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G'day Alexandru


I'm like everyone else, we are in total respect of your craftsmanship! I'm so glad that you have taken your time to take photos of even the smallest detail, from start to finish.

I'm haven't used ebony myself, but I believe it's very brittle, so its is amazzzzzzzzing how you bent it in your previous photolesson.

Again brilliant mate.



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I don't like looking as a parasite, but I'm all the time waiting for your updates for sucking the sap of shipbuilding from a master builder!

And once again my vampire-like thirst has been satisfied ;) I've just learned an easy and effective method to install the bowsprit-deck gratings: thank you so much!!!


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Ah, the art of model building! Hat down to your work.

I went thru your build log, where i saw your case for the wonderful model. Maybe you already know that, but if you ll ever take pics of it once inside the case, it s possible to avoid reflections in the glass by using a polarizer filter in front of the lens. Obviously this means that you ll use an interchangable lens camera, like a DSRL, or a MILC. One drawback of this is that the filter will take away about a stop of light (-1 EV) which means only half of the light will reach the sensor, so you ll need more light. 



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