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Some criteria for starting a new group project

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I had been working on a "how to / sewing techniques" for sewing sails.  If I was to complete it, it would be ~35 pages long, with a lot of detailed photos.  Of note, the article is not specific to one type of sails, rather, it's various sewing techniques that can be applied to your sails as needed.  Here's part of the intro that covers the topics.  Please note, these are not in order:  


Individual topic posts will include:   

  • Machine Setup - The physical set up of your sewing machine matters.  It's all about ergonomics!     (Ergonomics - Setting up your Byrnes saw!)
  • Selecting Fabric - Sewing your sails from muslin fabric, is equivalent to building your model of the Constitution or Victory with balsa wood.  Your model / sails deserve to be built with the best possible materials.     
  • Sewing Machine Settings - Tension, stitch length / width - (Setting up your Byrnes saw!)
  • Sewing Machine Feet - Selecting the right machine foot, is akin to selecting the right saw blade and guides for your Byrnes saw. 
  • Machine / Hand Needles - Understanding the shank, groove, scarf, eye, point, size and matching to the fabric and thread.
  • Preparing Sail Fabric - So simple, so important.  Takes about an hour and worth the time!
  • Sail Pattern Layout - How the sail pattern is laid out on the fabric will have a major influence on how the finished sail hangs / behaves.    
  • Thread - When I sewed all of my clothes, each project included 4 - 8 spools of thread.  At arms length, these spools of thread all look the same, but each spool was different with a specific purpose / use.           
  • About Hand Sewing - While most of your sails can be sewn on a machine, there are some parts that will look better if hand sewn.  The advantage of hand sewing is the actual sewing thread can be hidden.  To hide the thread, you need to use the right needle, thread and a few other items.    
  • Pressing -VS- Ironing - Ironing is a process you do on 'fake Egyptian cotton bed linen' and blue jeans.  Pressing is a process you do on fine table linens, high quality clothing and Giza Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen
  • Sewing Aids - As I demonstrate various sewing techniques, I'll include info on various sewing aids
  • Painting Your Sails - Simple fabric painting techniques to add color to your sails. 

Specific Sewing Techniques

  • A Properly Sewn Line of Stitching - A primary discussion point about sewn sails is the stitch length is out of scale. A properly sewn line of stitching, 'melts' into the fabric and the thread will absorb or reflect the light to give the desired effect / results. 
  • Straight Parallel Lines - A few simple techniques to sew consistent parallel lines
  • Hemming - Simple, in scale hems
  • And More - Still to be developed / under construction


 Here's an excerpt of info from my article that discusses fabric weave patter that I discussed in the test post: 


Here's the same weave patterns with a 'line of sewing' added.  This is to demonstrate how a line of sewing blends into a simple weave pattern fabric.  But on a bed linen / sateen weave fabric, this line of sewing is very visible.  Further, due to the weave pattern, there is no strength from top to bottom, so the sateen weave fabric will pucker when sewing and sag when added to your model.. 

Fabric Weave Patterns with line of sewing.jpg



I 'tested the water' for making sails with a post "Fabric For Your Sails and Where To Buy." But there was very little, interest in the post.  Further, a couple of members posted disparaging comments about what I posted on other threads.  So I decided to abandon the project. 


I'd be willing to restart the article again.  To get it done in a timely manner, I would need help, specifically some one to be the editor to help me put it all together.  


Dee Dee



P.S.  The NRG article written by Banyan & (supposedly) Dr. Tilley never actually goes into actually sewing sails.  Some of the info is just plain off.  Yes you can use hairspray, but not the stuff off the shelf at CVS, Walgreens or the local hair salon or Sally's Beauty Supply store.  That sugar solution is hilarious and a really terrible suggestion.  The section that was written by Dr. Tilley was actually copied / pasted from the fifth post on this Fine Scale Modeler forum thread:  http://cs.finescale..../7/t/33775.aspx


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Hmmm. How about the way the inmates at one of the jails in Maine make sails?
Wood!!! Sails in Jails!!!!

Several years ago I bought a schooner there that had wooden sails.
sail 55.jpg

They still make them and here are some more 
Maine 1a.jpg   Maine 2a.jpg

and the web site, in case you are interested.


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