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Chebec Eagle of Algier 1753 (short EOA) by Mirabell61 - 1:48 - Nils Langemann - Finished

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One of the ship types that I`m interested in is the Chebec design. As a model I did`nt want to get it too complicated and too much detailed like for instance the build of the "Le Requin" Chebec would be. So the choise fell on a scratch build model after a basic Amati plan 1:60,  that would be enlarged by 25% to scale 1:48, resulting in a new total length of 900 mm.


To give the child / project a name, the ship will be "Eagle of Algier", and representing a (fictive) one one of those Mediteranian, North African fast trade- and pirate- Chebecs of the African Barbary coast around mid 18th century. It would have been "Falcon of Algier", if I were able to find a suitable falcon head for using as an appropriate figure head.


The ships boat will be a 27 Ft longboat / pinnace after F.H. Chapmans Chart PIXLI figure #14 (Architectura Navalis Mercatoria), scaled to 1:48


With this build I´ll be experimenting with the stand up mode of keel and bulkheads, positioned by a jig fixture, from which the framework can easily be removed afterwards.

Usualy I build my models in keel up position.

Because the "frames" will become quite fragile, due to thin sizes, I choose 5,2 mm thick ply for the bulkheads, but with 8 layers, (the delivered ply had even 10 layers !) to provide the required strength.

The bulkheads will be cut out to resemble frames, and the deck beams will be temporarily cut away in order to fit out the interior hull, then replacing the deck beams again afterwards. It is intended to do 1 layer planking of the hull outside shell only.






already enlarged Amati plan by 25%



A building instruction with sequential pics, comes along in Italian / English with the plan



little paint can for scaling...






the name giving figure head (metal diecast)



cutting out of the paper bulkheads for further treatment



beginning the positioning gig for keel and bulkheads






fixture progress...



ships boat (may be subject to slight modification, to suit needs)

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I trust that there is an open chair in the front row.  I have always been interested in ship types that are not the usual British, American and European line of battle ships.  This should be a very fascinating build.  The lateen rig is one that I know very little about.  Looking forward with great anticipation to learning new things and watching your talented construction techniques. 




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Thank you very much Bob and Patrick,


you are welcome to accompany this build from begin onwards....

Thought it should be something smaller than the KWdG and a bit more relaxing to do this time..



Edited by Mirabell61
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Hi Dan,


I think we`re in the same alley there, having interest also in ships of other nations and cultures.....

I have in mind also do tackle it doing a Chinese trade- junk around 1930 or so, when the Chebec is completed



Edited by Mirabell61
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Hi Ken,

Thanks for joining aboard...

unfortunately I did`nt do any special preperations for the decorations by now.

I have though been looking and found semi- material for decorations for the gunports (outer bulwarks), and for the brass balustrades of the aft high deck.

Usualy I search the web, if there are any halfway simular items I can use (as is) or with slight changes and modifications, taking the scale required into account.



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Hi Nils.

Another interesting build you have on the way.

9 hours ago, Mirabell61 said:

I choose 5,2 mm thick ply for the bulkheads, but with 8 layers, to provide the required

8 ply... That's a rare find.  Very nice to work with and very strong.


Regards Antony.


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Many thanks to Antony, Jason,Jean-Philippe, Ian and Kurt,

for looking in and for your nice comments....



I found the 8-layer ply (aeroply) on Ebay, and have gained good results with it for thin structures. I used it as well on the frame work of my Pegasus build some years ago..



welcome to the round,

glad you joined in..., I`m also looking forward to see if the hand jigsaw cut  bulkheads / frames will be straking properly, and the first time used positioning fixture will be worth the upfront effort...



nice to welcome you as well, take a seat please..and enjoy



I also very much lked the lines of this ship type, hoping to transfer the impression to a certain degree into this scratch build 



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I`m very pleased to welcome you to the Chebec. In the moment there is still a good drive at it, an looks like the fixture works well...


Build log part 2


setting up the frames /bulkheads with the keel. Unfortunately the outside contour straking can first be checked when the whole framework later on is removed from the fixture. But there will have to be fairing done anyhow. Perhaps I will add a minimum of stringers as well, in order to ease the planking later.





Keel is in place (not to be glued in)



glueing the paper bulkheads to the ply. The paper will be scraped off afterwards






8 layer ply was ordered but really came 10 layer, total 5,2 mm thick






up to now all is fitting well (in dry fit)


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