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HMS Winchelsea by Rustyj - POB 1/64 - 1764 - 32 Gun Frigate

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I have the distinct honor of being able to work with Chuck again on my  next project,

the HMS Winchelsea.  This is the same ship that Chuck is designing and currently

building. I cannot put into words my gratitude to Chuck for allowing me to participate

in his project. I will make every effort to build her as described in the plans and

practicum although I will never be able to reach the outstanding level of craftsmanship

Chuck has set.


 The HMS Winchelsea was launched in 1764 and is a Niger class 32 gun frigate. This

build will show how she appeared during the American Revolution. The model will be

fully rigged at 3/16" scale. I will be using various woods throughout the build but the

primary wood used will be Boxwood, Holly and Swiss Pear. All of these woods are

from Jeff at Hobby Mill.


As Chuck has very eloquently detailed his log and I could never reproduce that either.

I will just show how I worked my way through the build.


Here is a sample of some the plans that I will be using to build the Winchelsea.




The first step in the build will be to cut out and assemble the knee of the head. There are

eleven parts to the head knee assembly and they will all be cut from 3/16" Boxwood. The

pieces were rough cut with the scroll saw and finished with files, sandpaper and chisels.

To simulate the caulked joints.


Once assembled Chuck states " The entire assembly must be tapered. This taper extends

from the upper stem piece towards the bobstay piece.  The aft edge of the upper stem

should remain 3/16” thick.  It should gradually be reduced to 3/32” thick along the

forward edge of the bobstay piece. The taper is 3/32” at the top of the bobstay piece

but it also gradually widens back to 3/16” as it works its way down towards the cutwater. "


Hopefully you can see this taper in the photograph.




Next it will be time to cut out the bulkheads and the bulkhead former. These will all cut

from Birch 3/16" aircraft 4 ply plywood. As there are so many bulkheads, a total of 27,

I anticipate it taking a least a week to cut them out and fit them prior to gluing.


That is if my mind doesn't wander! ;) 

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Thank you for all the likes and comments. It is very much appreciated! :)


Joe that means I'd have to do design work and we know that isn't gonna happen!


Thank you Remco. Your Kingfisher continues to inspire me.


Thanks E&T.


Hi Chris. Yeah we may have started around the same time but my little ones are into houses

of their own so my distraction level is much lower!


Thanks Ben. I can't begin to express how lucky I am to be involved in this.


Hi Augie. You should see them spread out on a 40" x 40' sheet. Truly amazing! You know when

you finish the Confederacy this would be a good project for you. Come to the dark side...come..... B)  


Hi Mark. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.


Thanks Floyd.


Hi Greg. Tall order? Try impossible! I'll just do the best I can and have a whole lot of fun.


Hi Alan and welcome aboard.


Hi Alan from down under. Once this gets underway full steam there will only be two projects ongoing. Well maybe......


Hi Grant all seats are in the front row here!


Hi Chuck. I don't know how much fun you'll have....but I'm planning on having a ball.


Again thank you all for stopping by. I will be away for a couple of days so probably no new updates until the weekend. :( 

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Thanks for stopping by Daniel.


Well I'm back and I have got a start on cutting the bulkheads out.


Care was used to ensure the plywood I have is free of warping. There are 27 bulkheads

to cut out. I used my standard method of cutting the individual bulkheads from the plans

and glued them one at a time to the plywood using a temporary paper craft glue. This

allows for removal of the plans should I so desire.




Once the bulkheads have been cut on the scroll saw I use my x-acto knife to score the

various reference lines that will be needed later. This is done just in case the plans are

removed from the bulkhead later.




I then take the bulkheads and make stacks of about 6 bulkheads of similar size and shape

and place a heavy weight on the to help ensure that they do not warp while I finish cutting

the remaining bulkheads and the former.




Well I'm off to cut more bulkheads out. B) 


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Thanks Greg, I think I started doing that on the Confederacy.


Glad to have you here Jim. Are you going to make it up to CT for the show?


Hi Dirk, I hope you do build her. I would love to see it.


Also thanks everyone for stopping by and all the likes.


I had a great weekend. The real world left me to my devices  and I had a lot of

shop time.  Bulkheads are all cut out and stacked as previously mentioned and I

then attacked the bulkhead former . It is laid out in two pieces and I thought of

just cutting it out as one whole piece. But as Chuck pointed out to me that getting

one piece of plywood that long that wouldn't twist would be extremely difficult.

So after an unsuccessful search I relented and cut it from two pieces. I knew  I

shouldn't have wasted my time but then again I'm not known for my better

judgment and decision making. :huh: 


Any way the former plans were cut out and glued up, then I cut it out on the scroll

saw and fine tuned it with the disk sander and a sanding block. Once satisfied I

applied glue to both pieces, put wax paper over and under the joint, placed a scrap

board on it and some heavy weights and allowed it to dry over night.










Now I will test fit all of the bulkheads and then start gluing them up.  

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Hi Augie, Yeah there a lot of bulkheads and hopefully the former remains flat!


Thanks Michael.


Hi Remco. Yeah at 1/64 she is smaller but I guess my magnifier will get a workout! Plus if I

need help on producing small details I know I can count on your help.


Thanks Bob, Always a pleasure.


Sounds great Jim.

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