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DKM Graf Zeppelin by RGL - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/350

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So, the next major build and my first aircraft carrier. Trumpeter 1/350 Graf Zeppelin, with the MK 1 design detail up set which is significantly more complex than the Infini set. Extras such as more aircraft, range finders etc. 


The history, well, it never fought, but, after  a lifetime of reading history, I’m now a bit of a fan of alternative history now. 


Setting the stage for where this build will lead;


Just imagine, no Operation Barbarossa. No 2 front war with the Russian bear, France held captive, England slowly strangled, no diversion of resources from the Middle East to support a Nazi seizure of middle eastern oil fields; Egypt overthrows British hedgemony blocking the Suez Canal and become a Vassal state. 

Spain isolates Gibraltar, Malta, under constant barrage from Italy and Germany, catipulates, the Mediterranean becomes an Axis Lake. 
The US continues supporting the UK but Japan’s atrocities in Hawaiian islands see political passion aim at Japan first. Germany does not declare war on the US. 
Soviet Russia invaded China, joining the Axis in 1942, sending hoards of men to the edge of their nation to blockade and US footbridge near Alaska. Hitler had flown to Moscow that year, seeing nothing he wanted, Living room could be achieved elsewhere. 
The buildup begins to defeat Japan but the Royal Navy struggles to keep trade lanes open, their vast armies of the commonwealth now in India having been blocked from returning home and not strong enough to force the return to Australia. 
Tirpiz, and the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin attempt to strangle the trade routes to the UK,  decimating undefended or poorly defended convoys with air power and Uboats. The new Aircraft carrier Peter Strasser comes online and with the pocket battleships Hipper and Scarnhorst,  England is incredibly isolated. US escort carrier pilots now face elite multiple aces from the Luftwaffe. 
Summer, June 6, 1944, worn from continuous operations in the North Sea, DKM Graf Zeppelin, Along with the other carriers, Elbe (ex passenger ship Potsdam), Seydlitz , Peter Strasser and Gneiseau, prepare to send a hoard of near obsolete Ju 97’s to sink the last British aircraft carriers as they return to try and block Sealion 2, with BF109T’s for top coverage. 
And it starts



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This is a big kit. Same length as Yamato which was at the time the world’s largest battleship. DA21EC84-C7D6-428C-8D50-452758878671.thumb.jpeg.a4da36642d2e8c6c8d5817833bebc047.jpeg


Lots and lots of portholes to drill. The PE set comes with lots of porthole eyebrows but the ringlols are moulded on and really should not be needed. EA927373-F87B-427B-B7E5-5FAE6A906943.thumb.jpeg.d1b109e72cf91b725c77ef86c3b26052.jpegCD2B9B97-1A22-45F2-BF7F-79B855D070B0.thumb.jpeg.878f6f9a4289e1f45258f5a4b98d3f82.jpeg

There are blueprints of the ship floating around and it probably was 80% complete before being abandoned, but it gives me a lot of leeway to invent and add. 

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the start of a great project Greg........the port holes look so well drilled.  do you use any type of reamer to take the edge off the drillings?  when I drill holes like that,  sometimes they seem to show a raised edge...even when using a new bit.  look forward in seeing more  :) 

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12 hours ago, RGL said:

Thanks Pat, the Port side done. Davits and cable reels to go, but I’ll add them when the hull is painted as they will jut out from the hull. 







Great work greg,  a quiry I have always had is about the positioning of the port holes  in most of these kits - I noticed it on my Warpy build  - they seem so close to the roofs/celings  and dont allow for space between them and the floor above.



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