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Chebece 1750 by Jeronimo - Finished

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Hello friends,


according to the plans of Jean Boudriot, France

Scale: 1/48

Species of wood: German Elsbeere

Planning and keel-laying: December 2016

Dimensions of the model:

Lenght: 1,10 m

Width: 0,23 m

Hight without mast: 0,24 m


The pictures are the example:  PES.ru


Karl :10_1_10:













Edited by Jeronimo
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Hi Karl,


can full understand why you have chosen to build this model. The introducing pics are so fantastic and inspiring, wonderful lines of the ship and a "must" to get started with it..... ;)  :rolleyes:





Hi Nils,

exactly like this model.

I hope as well as the model.


Thanks to all for the Likes.


Karl :10_1_10:

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Hi Karl.

Yet another wonderful build.

I will be following this one with great interest as I have a set of the Ancre Chebec books.

Wanted to do this one myself but as yet I do not have the skills. But maybe in the future.

All the best with this one.


Regards Antony.

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Some years ago I built a chebec. Before I started with the project I made a long study of those beautiful ships. I used the drawings in the book;'" Die chebecke und andere schiffstypen des Mittelmeerraumes" written by Wolfram Mondfeld. I used the drawings in the book only as a basis and I soon discovered that I had to solve many mystery.

The drawings which are available are often not correct. Practically every drawing is copied from the few things that are known and these were in some cases fantasy.

One of the main things is the aft deck of the ship. It is Always depicted as one very large grating. Technically this is impossible on the real ship. The structure will be very weak and has to be supported by al lot of thick beams. Especially when you think that the openings in the gratings may not be larger than 7,5 x 7,5 cm, otherwise the sailors will break their legs.

In the 19th century a few men measured the last remainig chebecs. One of them was Frederik Henrik Af Chapman. He published his drawings in "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria". Under the nrs17 and 18 in his book you can find the results. The deck I mean is totally different. Only a few gratings are drawn. In the sience museum in London exists a model built according his drawings. The hull is correct. Unfortunally Chapman never gave details about masts, rigging and sails. On the London model these things are not as it has to be.

Generally spoken there are two types of chebecs. The first was used by the Barbarian raiders, and was directly derived from the galley. The second was the chebec which was derived from the first and was built by the French. You are building a second type. In London stands an example of the first type.

I built the first type as you can see on my website www.constntwillem.nl

There is a lot more to tell about this magnificent ship. I wrote down the results of my study. I can see that you live in Germany and maybe you can read my study which is in the Dutch language. If you are intersted I can sent you a copy.

I am fully aware of the fact that I have not solved every mystery. I may be totally wrong on some aspects and I stand open for every comment.  But I like to help everyone who is intending to built this ship, which is a beauty.


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YankeeD, tartane,


Perhaps you could verify your links before posting! Niether one of them works


It surely works only I put the phrase between brackets, if you just click it it is most surely the computer adds the last bracket automatically. Computers are not that smart that they realize they should leave out the last bracket as it does not belong to the link. And correct I could have solved that by adding a space... B)

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Good to see you starting a new series.  What is the model at the beginning?  Surely you have not completed this since December.




The pictures at the beginning show a computer animations  of a Russia artist. ( www. PES.ru )


Thanks to all for kind comments and likes.

Karl :10_1_10:

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Hello friends.


Construction error on my part to the main frames

IV ( 27 Bow ) to  IX ( 69 Stern )

These frames have only one floor.


These following picturs show the correction on the main frames.


Karl :10_1_10:



Teil 4







Edited by Jeronimo
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