HMS Agamemnon by Sjors - FINISHED - Caldercraft/Jotika - 1:64

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Nice work Sjors! It's exciting getting close the the finish.

I love the blocks spread all over - looks like little bug-sailors crawling around at work on the rigging. ;-)

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Hi Sjors,

Looks very nice!!

I am a few days behind you now. I will start with my last sheet on monday, maybe already on sunday....

I will update on sunday....



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  1. Thanks all😁




i thought i have all the blocks but then.......more on the way 😢




You are in a big rush!

Read the drawing very carefully!

i almost forgot things.....



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So, after more then 3 years I can tell you that the rigging is done....

Not the total build because there are a few things that has to be done like.....hammock netting ( yep, still to do ) anchors and lanterns.

But as it goes in the whole build now and then an update.

Don't ask me where all those ropes are going.....I don't know it anymore.

I have done the best I can do with it.

At the end it looks like spaghetti and all the time the hands are in the way.

I had the feeling that tying blocks will never come to an end.

Even at the last drawing I have to make blocks.

I think it is to difficult to show it in the first drawings.....

I try to put all the ropes on there own position but even that was not possible.

The belaying pins are that small that I can not put an hair around it !

I try because you don't see the difference with my grey hair or the grey rope :P

But i'm satisfied with it.

Then rest me only one thing and that are pictures.



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Thanks for the visit and the good words.

Also thanks for the likes.

There is  bowl waiting for who want some spaghetti 🙃




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Congratulations Sjors, you did a great job:dancetl6:

Finally after 3 years....... She looks great!!

BUT your figurehead is still crying because he wants his spear:P:P:P

And dont forget to put your Chesstrees (138) on the hull.

Oh... before I forget to mention.... I love spagetti, so save some for me:D:D


I also started yesterday with the last drawingsheet of my Aggy (I hope I have enough single blocks 3mm). So a few weeks and it will be done.......after 6 years...but I took a few breaks. Only the last 2 years it was a daily job. Will feel like a black hole when I finish her......

But I think I will buy The (Sergal) Sovereign of the Seas next month.



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That's it.


She is finished !

After a journey that took more then 3 years she finally reached port.

I wanna thank you all for being my passengers all that time.

Also thanks to Anja for helping me with a lot of things.























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Thank you all 😃



Welcome to this log and thanks!




Now i see who you are .

Everything allright?

Nice to see you  again and thanks.




Also thanks!




Welcome and thank you!




Thanks and i'm working all ready at the StoS


@My dear Anja,


Without you it was more difficult to finish it.

Thanks for supporting me those years.




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