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Granado by rafine - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:64

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I spent a good deal of time trying to decide what to do for my next project. The choices ranged through scratch builds and modified kits, cross sections and full ships, and even some thought about doing a plastic or resin warship. In the end, I quickly rejected the modern ships because I just don't think that at my age (76) with arthritic hands and diminishing eyesight, I could do justice to anything in those very small scales.


A framed scratch build had strong appeal, but ,as I've explained in other logs, after doing the Triton cross section, I concluded that without power tools (I have nothing but a Dremel) a full framed model was just more than I wished to take on. That left the possibility of another cross section. I was drawn to the Admiralty Models Echo project and the Granado cross section project. The Granado held particular appeal, both because of it's unique subject and the wonderful models that had been turned out by Rusty, Grant and Mobbsie. I was almost set to do this when I realized, while doing the Cheerful rigging, just how much I enjoy rigging and would miss doing it on a cross section.


All of that led me to look at the build logs and great models of Granado done by Joe V. and Timmo. I was really impressed at what could be done with the kit with some modifications. Thus, the choice was made.


I now have the kit and the AOTS Granado book and I'm trying to figure out just what I'm going to do. I've not done a Caldercraft kit before or any kit with the ply gunport strips. Nor have I done any model with double planking in many years. Some things are clear: I will replace the kit wood with boxwood for the second upper hull planking and holly for the deck planking, as I've done on my recent builds. I'm still undecided as to what to do for the second lower hull planking. I'm inclined to use holly as I did on Fair American, rather than painting some other wood white, but this would also involve replacing the kit's stem, keel and sternpost parts with scratch built holly parts at the outset of the build. A quick decision is in order.


I'm looking forward to getting started, and hope that you'll follow along with me.



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HI Bob,


Granado, fantastic choice mate, most definitely my favourite build to date.


With the modifications you have planned she's gonna pop.


Depending on how you want to display your mortars you may want to give some thought to the storage of the mortar covers, there's no space on deck for them.


Good luck with this build mate.


Be Good



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Work on Granado has now begun. As always, the initial work is fairly routine and a "just get through it" process. The ply framing pieces are good, although the slots are a little loose. This was easily corrected by my usual practice of overdoing bracing of the bulkheads with stripwood pieces. I also added pieces to box the mast holes.


The point of interest to me was that I decided to plank the lower hull in holly. As a result, I needed to do the stem and keel in holly, as well. The stem was cut from holly sheet, using the kit part as a template. The keel was cut from holly strip, with a boxwood strip added for a false keel, as shown in AOTS.


Now it's on to the dreaded gunport strips.






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Another of the tedious tasks out of the way. The ply gunport strips have been installed. They actually turned out to be less troublesome than I had expected. I first did the fairing of the bulkheads to achieve a smooth run.Then, following the lead of prior builders of this kit, I glued (using medium CA) and clamped only the lower portions of the strips to the bulkheads. This seemed to avoid kinking. Since the upper extensions of the bulkheads will be removed later, this will also ease that process.


It is time now to turn to doing the first planking on the hull.





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nice progress and good work Bob,


looks like a good quality kit with sturdy well approved design, certainly you`ll turn it into another jewel under your hands...

Do you perhaps have an side- overview plan pic, so as to show what she looks like, with masts and rigging ?



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Thanks so much Thomas, Scott and Nils and the "likes". 


Thomas, I must say that it seems like framing the bulwarks and ports would be as easy as using the ply parts, but that probably doesn't fit with the double planking method.


Nils, so far the kit seems good, although I will be replacing the wood for the hull and deck planking. A copy of a photo from the manual is attached so you can see what she looks like completed.




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