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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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This might seem strange, but I have to ask about a situation quite strange: I noticed recently that a stowaway passenger installed itself in my HMS Victory model: a spider.

Didn't see the spider but I saw its web all over the hold and the web reappeared after a thorough cleanup I did. Not sure if this happened to others or not but I don't really know how to get rid of it. I didn't dare to use any aerosol insecticide as I don't know for sure what would be the impact on the wood or glue. Does someone has some experience with how safely remove this kind of unwanted pests?


Thank you,


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Maury, thanks for the advice. I will look for the orange oil and give it a try.


Done the beams for the upper deck and switched to something different as I decided to do the lower masts. Started with the main one but I had to improvise a bit as my wood lathe was not long enough for it. Here are some progress pictures:













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I am looking at purchasing a lathe and was concerned that the smaller hobby lathes handle only 12 or 15 inches without the costly extension.

How did you manage without the tool rest?


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Initially for the extension I just took a piece of wood of proper height and clamped it to the table to use as tool rest for the extension part.


But I get rid of it, as in the end the rounding was not done by chisel but using strips of progressively higher grain sandpaper. Most of the work from square to round I've done it with a very coarse grit 60 belt of a 1.5in belt sander which I pressed against the mast using very thick leather work gloves as it become quite hot fast.


Took a bit and made a lot of dust but I got good results for the white soft type of wood that I used (some leftover floor boards that I had laying around) to simulate the pine wood of masts.


This was the biggest mast and had a bit over 75cm in length - about 30in so that will make for quite an extension. I also wanted to buy an additional bed for the lathe I have but was not in stock for North America and to get it from Germany would have taken 2-4 months. Even so probably I would have needed two of them for 30in. My solution was cheaper and faster and did the job.



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