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Good morning Sherry


just reclaimed my seat in the audience, it needed a bit of a dusting,and was covered in popcorn, sjors must have been around recently but i sat on it anyway,

It was lovely and inspirational to catch up on your build again, i do so like the open stern gallery,

LOL i hope it rains again soon so your work can progress again

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Thank-you everyone for all the comments! 


Well, an update is long overdue - I almost feel I should introduce myself again!  :P 


I struggled in the summer with which route to take for my cannons. I tried making molds and casting with resin with only limited success. The summer flew by and winter appeared and casting became a problem due to mess and allergies, or at least some reaction to the fumes. Ideally working outside is the best option, but at -20 degrees Celsius, it's not an option!


I had seen some paper cannons that Doris made and I thought I would give that a try. It would be easier if my scale was larger, but I don't find it too difficult. I know they are not perfect, but I am relatively pleased with the outcome and will continue with this process.


I am currently experimenting with weathering the cannons, so the painted one is not necessarily what the finished product will look like. 









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It is great to see another update on your build, and those cannon look great! As one who doesn't own a lathe and has to find alternative processes and materials to what typically would be lathe turnings, i appreciate and applaud your extremely sharp looking 'mixed medium' cannons. Well done!





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Mark/SJSoane: I think my main problem is the small scale at which I am working. It can be done apparently, but it was more trouble than it was worth to me. 

After a few tries I got a decent rubber mold, but I struggled with the polyester resin sticking to the mold. I tried the dilute vaseline, corn starch, and talc as release agents - none of which worked for me. Apparently there is a release agent for purchase, but I didn't want to commit any more money to this one project. I did get a few cannons that were okay, but I like my paper ones better. The biggest problem was the resin fumes, which left me with huge headaches and sinus problems every time I used it. When I finally made the connection, I stopped using resin and no more symptoms.


Popeye: Thank-you! I am happy with the results.


Grant: Thank-you! It's great to be back. Hopefully I can find more time to finish these guns soon.


Elia: Thank-you! I know what you mean about finding alternative processes, and this one seems to work for me.


Patrick: Thank-you as well!


Bob: Thank-you on both counts!


Sjors:   :D  :D  :D Thank-you! Paper is a LOT cheaper too, than buying more than 100 brass cannons.


Mark: Thank-you! The casabels are made from polymer clay.

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