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9 hours ago, Trussben said:

Very nice,


16 days to get to where you are is soo fast, took me a couple of years to do that on my scratch swan class sloop!

These new kit designs are going to transform this hobby.

it is the only way, with my lack of skills to make anything decent, i fully realise the amount of time required to scratch one of these, and admire you and all the others who do it the proper way

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Good evening eveyone


day 17 fitting frames 8 to 26 

this morning i managed a better clean up of frames 8 to 26, and made a decision (right or wrong) to go ahead and fit them, the elastic bands keep them in place whilst the glue sets, they have been pinned to strengthen them, the yellow lines are just highlighting the fact that frame 14 is not fitted,  as it needs to be remade, no fairing of internal timbers has been made, other than removing the laser char,







IMG_7653 - Copy.JPG

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30 minutes ago, James H said:

You're doing this real quick and those frames look great, and smooth.


Nice straight keel line too.


thank you

only the char has been removed, nothing wrt to the laser fairing lines has been done yet, at present i have just got back into making frames as ive had a few days away from the build


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On 9/5/2020 at 9:57 PM, Trussben said:

Very nice,


16 days to get to where you are is soo fast, took me a couple of years to do that on my scratch swan class sloop!

These new kit designs from the likes of CAF, Syren and Vanguard are going to transform this hobby.

its taken me 4 days to think of an acceptable answer, and i still dont have one, 


for me this works well, and it gives use without the skills to make a semi decent representation, in a much shorter time, however i wish i had the skills to do my own full scratch, after all this is still just a kit

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good evening everyome


Day 19 full frames and cants


i delayed putting the cants in for as long as possible, they seamed quite difficult, so best to leave them, but the time had to come


i may have mentioned it previously. that there are laser etched lines on a lot of the ribs, these provide a rough fairing line, 


so the same goes for the cants, also there is a angle template provided for each numbered cant to help achieve the correct angle, this template is to set up the bench sander at the correct angle, mine kept moving so i devised my own answer by gluing the template to the cant and then sanding to the correct line, it worked



having done that, i then found i did not have enough room to get access to pin the cants, 


i removed the top level of the jig

glued starboard cants 2 to 7 in position, when the glue set, i removed the hull from the frame to pin, this will be repeated on the stbd side








the hull drops back into the jig quite easy, im not sure how difficult its going to be to put the top level back on




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good evening everyone


Day 21 last of the cants


been a quite week, lots of things happening, and not a lot of boat building, but today the last of the stern cants were put in, that leave the hawse timbers and stern timbers, 


Parts 2 and 3 arrived and i will show photos at a later date 








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