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HMS Pegasus 1776 by Trussben - 1:48 - Swan class sloop based on TFFM

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Thanks for the reply re: treenail and plank sizing, Ben.

I am trying to better appreciate why and when various size treenails are employed.

Found a wooden ship building book dated 1919 with guidelines based on tonnage and joint location for treenails and bolts but not sure it hadn't changed from a century or two earlier.

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typed 1912 but it was 1919
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I enjoyed reading the build blog to this point!

I'm new to wood ship modeling and am working on my first kit, the HMS Terror. Someday, I'd like to try a scratch build... not yet!

I am curious about TFFM... What does that stand for?

As I continue to learn and build a tool inventory and more importantly, confidence in my work, I would like to eventually try a build from scratch.

Thanks in advance for the info!


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Hi Lyle,


TFFM stand for “ The fully framed model” which is a set of 4 books written by David Antscherl and Greg Herbert and they are available from Seawatch books,  who are one of the sponsors of Model ship world and you can find a link to their site on the main page.

The set of books is an excellent reference for many things in model ship building and in my opinion a must have for any serious model builder looking to move into scratch building.






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Hi and Thanks,


To answer your question Hubac, the Swan class is quite a small ship at 96'7" long, and at 1:48 that equates to a 24" model ( length of main deck as per normal convention ), but if you rig her which I have not quite made my mind to do but I am leaning that way it will be quite a bit bigger, but still in the realms that the display case would not be too massive.



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First - thanks for all the likes everybody.

So I machined all of the 22 deck beams out of 9” stock with the correct roundup of 6” and here you see them temporally installed using T-pins in their correct locations.

I also had to make the wing transom knees ( these are a pain to fit ) so beams 21&22 could be made.


Now I came across an error I made back when building the lower deck, the distance between the beams 6&7 ( fore hatch ) are too far apart because I didn’t follow the Pegasus plans but instead the TFFM plans, lesson to be learned here - Always follow the drafts of the ship that you are actually building!! I have decided to make the upper deck match the lower deck so Pegasus will end up with a larger fore hatch than she should - hopefully it won’t interfere with anything else as it is beam 7 that is too far aft.


I need to make the upper deck hook, riding bit pins and topsail sheet bit pins and get them located properly before carrying on.





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